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January 31, 2007
Welcome!  This is the new home of Wild Yarn.  I hope that you will like visiting me here.  Please excuse the sparseness, but like any new move I am still busy “unpacking”.  “why the move?” you ask. Well, I just got tired of dealing with all the hassles of Blogger. I hated to be ready to post only for the page not to be up or the loading of the photos was slow or incorrect. It was just more hassle than it was worth. So. . . in the heat of the moment this is where I landed. I’m sure this will have it’s draw backs, too. They all do, but at least I don’t feel like I’m just taking it. So please, leave me a comment so I will know that you have found me.

The above photo is the finished squares for the KAL I joined. I am a bit late getting them in the mail but I know they will still be put to good use. They will go out in the morning (if we don’t have too much crappy weather). The bright sunshine one was made with KnitPicks Sock Garden yarn. I don’t think they make it anymore–at least not under that name. I think it is called Memories, now. At least it looks like it is the same, just different colors. I is super soft yarn, though.

I am hoping to include more than just knitting on this blog. I want to include some of the other things that I am interested in like: poetry, reading, cooking, gardening, paper crafts, etc. Before I felt limited because I can only knit so fast so this go around I am just warning you that there will be other stuff going on here. I am a freak for quotes so there may be quotes sprinkled in here and there or it may be the only thing I write for that day. I have notebooks filled with quotes. I love wisdom. It rocks.

So thanks for visiting me here and letting me know you arrived safely. I will leave up the WY on blogger for reference for awhile, just incase.
Peace~ DAWN