It’s February Already

February 1, 2007

Well in Winter

Can you believe that January 2007 is over! man, it seems like we are really getting into the new year rather rapidly. February here in Tennessee is going to be a cold one. We woke up to about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of snow. The first of the season for us (we are late bloomers, what can I say). The boys are out of school but the college boy still has to go. Higher education is like the mail, it is NOT derailed by imclament weather. He has a 40 minute commute but the roads are really good. Here is the young one enjoying the snow:
Snowball 1 Snowball 2

He says, “hey, when you were born in North Dakota you live for days like this!”. He loves the cold weather. Who’s child is he, anyway? The middle son is taking full advantage of the day off. . . he is sleeping in.

Well, I usually don’t consider myself strong, but when you are knitting socks on size 1 needles you feel like a giant! I feel like I could just snap these little needles in two with a sneeze. I am making a pair of anklets with a little stockenette roll. They should go rather fast since I don’t have to knit a high cuff. I bought this nice Lorna’s Laces from Simply Socks Yarn Company (my new favorite place to shop). It is a cool colorway in light pink and chocolate brown. Ooooooo. I don’t want to spoil you with photos of them yet; you’ll just have to wait for the completed pair.

The new AntiCraft is up and I found the recipe for Original Pie Pie to be intriguing. If nothing else the build up by the author is enough to make me want to give it a try. Maybe this weekend. I’ll let you know the response I get (more important, I’ll let you know what I think of it).

A bonus to this new domain is that I get email notification from people who comment which makes it easier for me to reply. Before it was a hassle but now I can keep in touch with commenters which makes me feel like a better blogger. Also, I put my blogroll under Google Reader (which is awesome) so I won’t have a long blogroll on the sidebar.
Enjoy your day, Peace~ DAWN



  1. Found ya! Lovely pics! Stay warm down there.

  2. Love the new blog! Enjoy the snow! 🙂

  3. Found you. Brr, it looks cold but fun. If you get use to using those size 1 and go back to larger size needles they will feel like your knitting with logs :). The pie pie looks yummy.

  4. Oh yes, I just changed your blog-link on Punk Rock Knitters too. I just stopped by to let you know. 🙂 Happy weekend!

  5. I love your blog. What part of TN are you in? I have family in Northeast TN, Mountain City.
    Wish we had a little snow here, but no such luck. I am in Virginia.

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