Baby, It’s Cold Outside

February 9, 2007

Warm and cozy

Who wouldn’t want to get warm by the fire snuggled up with these guys?  We had just bought that gigantic pillow at Sam’s Club and Buster took up residence on it immediately.  We knew he would.  He is our pillow/blanket layer.  If there is a pillow or blanket or towel on the floor that dog will find it and make it his own.  The other two are just plain out of luck.  He won’t share.

I received an email from Apple about getting your iPod engraved. I think this is ingenious. Say you are ready to propose to your significant other–What a memorable way to do it, plus it is original. I just thought it was pretty cool.

I have been knitting, among other things. I am still working on the scarf (probably about halfway there) and my cute ankle socks are still on the needles. I haven’t begun anything new because nothing has struck me, yet. I have been very good about restraining myself from buying any new yarn despite the fact that many of the blogs I read have been shamelessly displaying their stash.

Have a great start to your weekend and stay warm if you happen to live in a chilly spot (if you are one of the lucky ones who live where it is warm, I can’t even speak to you right now, I am so filled with envy). Peace~ DAWN


One comment

  1. ha! ging (my boxer) does the same laying on human back thing if I am on the ground with her. 🙂

    You make me want more more more dogs!

    I haven’t bought any new yarn, I just traded stash for stash. I think that might be my goal for this year… plus working through the stash. 🙂

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