Big Day

February 10, 2007

Wednesday was a big birthday day in our house. My husband and the young one, both born on February 7th.  We had a low key day as you can see from the photo.  Birthday cake, presents, the new LOST espisode and pizza.  Wow, it doesn’t get more American than that I don’t suppose.
Birthday 2007

Today is Tax Prep day around these parts.  We go to the accountant on the 15th and I just want to be able to hand over my numbers and go.  Well, after he tells me how much I owe the IRS, hehe. 

I got the new Interweave Knits mag in the mail yesterday.  I have been drowling over many of the patterns and trying to narrow it down to the one Spring top I want to make to celebrate the coming warm weather.  I will have to make a decision and treat myself to some yarn.  “Nice job” kinda thing for getting my taxes done.  Yeah, that’s it.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and get plenty done, even if that means just sitting on the ‘ol booty and relaxing.  Oh, I watched a Johnny Depp Biography program this morning.  I love him.  Peace~ DAWN

P.S if you click on the thumbnail size photo it should give you the “big” picture. I put the thumbnails in to save page space, otherwise it is way large. Okay, thanks.



  1. Happy belated birthday to your husband and son. Sounds like they had a good day.

    As for the taxes, blah. Haven’t even started that yet.

    After reading your post, I’ll be anxiously waiting on the mail for the next Interweave magazine. I haven’t got mine yet. Maybe the mail moves faster for colder climates :).

  2. I am still waiting for my IK, too – sooo jealous! A spring knit top sounds great about now….

  3. omg, those mugs are awesome! how much were they? to cool 🙂

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