It Comes in 3’s

February 15, 2007

Well, if that is true then we should be about done. First it was my car that needed some work done, next it was the middle son’s car and now. . . it is the oldest son’s car. I love the work that Clower’s does for foreign autos but seriously, if I have to write them another check I’m gonna scream. When all is said and done I will have forked over between $2,000 and $2,500 dollars to this business. Take a moment to let that sink in before you read the next part.

Tonight me and the husband go to the accountant to get our taxes done and I will get the grand total for what I owe the IRS. Yippie, I can hardly wait for that total.

At the mechanics this morning I did get quite a bit done on the scarf. I am almost done with this skein ( and when the skein is done the scarf is done ). Hopefully by Monday I will have a FO to show you all. Me and the receptionist chatted about knitting and then some guy walked in and looked over at me and said, “Knit one, Purl two is that how it goes?” and I said, “actually this is Knit two, Knit one through the back, Purl one”. I don’t think he was amused.

Well, I hope your day is going well and that the IRS is good to you. Peace~DAWN
P.S and just because Timber makes me happy and I need a little cheer up, here is the big guy:



  1. Ouch!

    P.S. Some people have no sense of humor. I would’ve laughed. :o)

  2. Yikes! Let’s hope that the car-paying season is over with!

  3. Ouch, that just bites. I hate having to spend money on repairs. Hopefully the grand total on the taxes will not be to high.

  4. There’s something going around – this was a crazy expensive week for me too! Love the photo of Timber!!

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