The Crud

February 19, 2007

My house has been hit by the crud plague. First my middle son got it and this past weekend my youngest got it. Poor guy had a temp of 104 on Friday night. By Sunday it was getting better and he finally broke his fever at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. He is doing really well today. Certainly hope the rest of us are immune to it. So far so good.

I finished my scarf and will post about it tomorrow. I also began the front right side to the boyfriend sweater. It is coming along nicely. Plus I started the Frenchy Camisole at Interweave Knits. It is pretty and I am making it with some Simply soft baby yarn in a pale lavender. This is a mindless knit with a lot of Stockenette, good for t.v watching. I want to wear it over a camisole or tank top. We’ll see how it turns out.

I have begun reading The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I am about halfway into it and am really liking it a lot. The story is one that makes you want to read the next chapter to find out where it is going. This Miss Winters is quite a character. It reminds me a bit of Wuthering Heights in a twisted/incest sort of way. Especially the way the characters sabitage their happiness with unhealthy relationships. Ugh! I own the hardback edition. I usually wait for paperback but for some reason (I think it was on sale) I got the “big boy”. I like reading hardbacks because they seem important in a way. All that weight in your hands, like it is some masterpiece or something. You just can’t tuck them and go, though. I pull it out in public and it says, “Hey, look at me. I’m reading a REAL book.”

Anyway, hope you are having a great Presidents day and if you got it off, enjoy it even more!! Peace~ DAWN



  1. I hope all the healing goes fast for everyone and no one else catches it.

    I loved that book-read it about 2 months ago-fantastic!

  2. I read the Thirteenth Tale, too, and couldn’t put it down! So good! Hope everybody feels better.

  3. Aww! He’s a cherub! I’m glad he’s feeling better.

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