Saturday Sky 2-24-07

February 25, 2007

Saturday Sky 2-24-07 rs

That was what I woke up to yesterday. A gorgeous puzzle-piece sky with golden light edging each cloud. The wind was balmy and it felt like spring. Later we got the spring shower/storms. We needed it to wash off all the saline spray they put on the roads out here. We get next to no snow in middle Tennessee and yet the state is prepared for arctic conditions. Before you start getting to happy for us… we do tend to get ice. There have been more ice storms around here then snow. I could tell you some stories. But I won’t; for one your not 10 and for another this isn’t the weather channel. So, on with the weekend…

We rented several movies and have watched 2 1/2 so far. The 1/2 was interrupted by a thunderstorm last nite and we lost power so we will have to continue School for Scoundrels later today. We did get through Man of the Year with Robin Williams as a comedian who runs for president and wins. It was an okay movie. Nothing to get to excited about. Thirty minutes into it my husband looks at me and says, “are you bored?” and I said (being polite) “nah”. Then, right then, the movie started to pick up pace a bit and it got funny enough to carry it through. So, if you see it, the first 30 will make you wanna knod off but then you should be alright.

The next movie was Flushed Away–BRILLIANT!! I was expecting cute but this movies was so funny and cleaver. I really really recommend it. You will laugh and laugh. Hugh Jackman as an animated mouse, come on, what is not to love about that.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, people. I will be going to see Ghost Rider later today. Can’t wait–I love me some Nick Cage! Peace~ DAWN



  1. Like the new digs. I was trying to catch up on some of your life. my computer is sooo slow, I’ve only checked your blog and checked a few emails and I’ve been on here an hour. ugghh. I love you and will check in later.

  2. dawn, need help with your well traveled bag. when i begin working the continuous rounds, do i chain 1 before each (i.e. 20 hdc, chain 1, 34 hdc, chain 2) or just continuous (i.e. 20 hdc, 34 hdc, 20 hdc…)?

  3. what a BEAUTIFUL picture….

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