Could I Be MORE Clear:

February 28, 2007

I guess I should have prefaced the last post with this disclaimer: I am in an exchange called Punk Rock Girls Exchange and we had to answer those question and post them on our blog so that when we get out “secret” partner they can take a peek on our blog and gain some insight. I do, however, appreciate the fact that some of you dared to face the boring task of reading through all of that. And a big “thanks, sis” to my sister for pointing out the fact that I own “3 dons” instead of “3 dogs“–hello, 41 questions, it’s a wonder I can type anthing at all after that. Any who, back to what you where doing and sorry if you read all of that and thought, “WTF”.
Peace~ DAWN



  1. Don’t ya hate when people correct the spelling in your blog????

  2. Who knows? You could be a higher up in the mafia and have 3 dons that do your bidding. Either that or all your sons are named Don. It’s a nice name. hehe My husband is always pointing out my typos…it’s not why I love him.

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