Knitting on the Side

March 4, 2007


I have been knitting and as proof I submit the above photo. I am spreading my knitting time between 3 projects, hence none of them are finished but all are getting close to done. I did finish a ribbed hat, but really, how many of those can you look at without wanting to roll your eyes and sigh heavily. I don’t want to be the cause of your bordom.

We are off to the movies this evening to see “Wild Hogs”. I have a feeling I am going to laugh and laugh and slightly embarass myself but it will be dark so who cares. We bought “The Departed” and watched it last night (we saw it in the theater and liked it so much we had to own it). It is in my top 10 favorite movies at the moment. I love that it had a ton of big name actors and none of them tried to out do each other, they played their parts most convincingly and you just fell into it without thinking, “when is so and so coming back on the screen”.

I have received some great e-mail corrispondence from my Punk Rock Girl Exchange partner (hence forth to be abreviated PRGE). She is still a secret but I’m liking her already. I have been in touch with my partner as well and am still trying to get a handle on her. I have been gathering things for the first package to be sent. I love this stuff. Hehe.

Back to your weekend–Peace~ DAWN



  1. Love the colors of your current knitting – can’t wait to see it done! My hubby is really excited to see the Departed, and you just gave it one more thumbs up.

  2. I love those needles! I can’t wait to see that (whatever it is) finished, because the variations in the yarn are georgous! Thank you for all your kind comments lately, I have been a very bad blogger/commenter lately, but know that I really appreciate your kind words!

  3. just stalking by to say hi! hah!

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