New Furniture

March 11, 2007

Oh, the weekend has been warm and lovely. It is very tempting to let your thoughts drift toward the balmy days of summer. So much so that while strolling through Target on Saturday I stopped and sat down in the display gazeebos and began to imagine a nice set of patio furniture living under my gazeebo on my deck at home. Observe the results:
This is my husband, hard at work, putting together the furniture.
Ooo, lookie, a place to plant my butt.
Ah, the first chair is complete and I feel like a tropical drink with lots of rum! Tomorrow I will wow you with the entire set all finished and in place.

In knitting news: I have swatched up a piece of the Cool Hemp Ponchette pattern that I ordered from Knit Pixie last year. Why swatch it up? It’s a poncho? Well, because I plan to change it up a bit and I needed to see if it would work. You see, I bought the hemp last year and have since given it away because I hated, hated, hated, knitting with it. Did you get the idea that I hated it? So I have been waiting for something else to come down the pike that I could use for this cute ponchette. In comes “Quechua” from Elann. Ahhhhh, the soft silkiness of Alpaca and a bit of wood pulp ( or Tencel ). To further the ponchette changes, I am doing it in Stockenette instead of Garter. I really really don’t like the look of the garter stitch. Not for an entire piece. A few rows thrown in for texture, okay. But the whole piece, Nah. So I bought the charcoal color poncho-swatch.JPG and worked up about 24 rows of the pattern and blocked it and what do you know, it worked! So I will begin a new project today. (hmm, the swatch kinda looks like Italy).

Hope you all enjoy the extra days of sunlight and recover from the lost hour of sleep. Peace~DAWN



  1. hey it was good to talk to you, yeasterday. that guy Brandon, never showed back up for his second shift. you know thinking back on it. he had said to me yesterday, “why did you have to work a double today?” which I thought was odd. but now. I think he just showed up for ‘my’ leadline shift, then bolted out. who knows. but he no longer works there.

    nice new patio furniture. looks inviting.

    still didn’t get to watch all of ‘little miss sunshine’, yet.
    had more phone calls last night, and the one from Lyssa was just as pleasant as you please. strange world.

    shout at you later.
    much love~

  2. I’ve always admired Target’s patio furniture. Yours looks great. I’ll be shopping for some soon myself because it was over seventy degrees here today.

  3. I’m so jealous. I would really, really like some patio funiture . The cool hemp ponchette looks “cool” :). I couldnt’ resist. Can hardly wait to see how it turns out. Ok, I got to go to bed. This time change thing is catching up to me .

  4. Look at you with a great place to put your butt! I am sure you will get many hours of knitting finished while sitting there and sipping a tasty beverage!

    I agree about the garter stitch! I can’t wait to see what you do with the ponchette.

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