Backyard Knitting

March 14, 2007

Well, here is a picture of the entire deck set:

And here are a few photos of me enjoying some knitting time on the furniture. This is what I do when I come home for lunch. Yes, I come home for lunch. I only work about 10 minutes from home and so I come home, eat, knit, and sometimes do the occational load of laundry. It is an awesome way to get back an hour out of your day for yourself. I am lucky, I know this.
That is the Cool Ponchette that I’m working on. Slowly it is coming along. I am on my second ball of yarn! In all fairness part of the first went toward the swatch (which the Yarn Harlot says is VERY VERY important to do and I do it begrudgenly).

Now, lets all angle toward the weekend and maybe it will get here quicker!! Have a great day, Peace~ DAWN



  1. I’m right with ya girl…I get to come home for an hour everyday also….I love it!!!! Only I live 5 minutes away…if that! We are spoiled!!

  2. LOVE the furniture! nice knitting nook!
    and the weather looks PERFECT. definitely a lil luck working your way.

    stalkin by saying hi again!

  3. The new deck and stuff looks great and very comfortable. I seriously need to work on my back patio. I am so ready for outdoor summer knitting. 🙂

  4. You look so comfy sitting there knitting :). My lunch is spent helping first graders open milk cartons and preventing sixth graders from starting a food fight. So, if you are sitting there tomorrow getting that funny feeling that somebody is thinking about you, it will probably be me wishing I was there.

  5. aw, I love the furniture and the deck! I wish I had a deck to sit and knit on. 🙂

    I work 5-8 minutes from my house and I too go home for lunch pretty often and sometimes get some knitting in and always play with the dogs. 🙂

  6. The furniture is beautiful. And what a lovely place to sit and knit. I can just imagine it early in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea. You are a very lucky girl!

  7. Wow, your patio looks great! What a great thing to have a quiet lunch alone. I can’t wait to see the ponchette.

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