If I Were a Drinker!

March 15, 2007

Oh, I drink but I’m not one to drink when I have problems. But if I did, boy, this-this-urgh! would have sent me over the edge.
You may have been expecting something different but let me explain. First of all this is the tidy version of my morning knitting (on my day off). I have put off finishing the final two rows of the second to last chart for the Swallow Tail Shawl so that I could get in a quick knit project to satisfy that need for a FO. So I decided on a beret. Why not? I don’t wear them, but thought if it turned out cute I just might. Anyway, I digress. I chose my pattern (not tellin’ yet–it has nothing to do with the Stitch n Bitch book, that is there for other reasons) and I read through it and decided it was gonna be a bit to small for my large leo sized head. So I proceeded to make the necessary adjustments. The fact that math and I don’t get along never stops me from modifying anything. But. . . after Ripping the beret out 3 times after getting 15 to 20 rounds into it each time I am ready for this:
My morning is shot and as I look at the clock it is now afternoon (and a quite respectable hour to have a drink but like I said, I will not partake in anger). So, now I have to get something together for dinner, do laundry (which never ends in my house) and tidy up before the masses return. The young one does have a late afternoon dental appointment and I will drag the beret out into this grey, drizzly day and start again. This time, however, I will not WILL NOT second guess myself and will stay the course till the damn thing is done. If it turns out great then I will wear it and if not someone is getting a crap ass beret and they better love it and wear it–or else!

Have a nice day!



  1. There is an errata sheet for the book, if that is the problem.

    I do the same as you, keep plugging and yes the Jack looks good to me.

  2. NOT My Jack that is the signed Bottle! I got another one that is for the drink-in.

  3. Lol, I am so feeling ya on this one and I would have had just a tiny shot…It always makes me so mad when I have to frog, especially when I really need a quick FO fix.
    Your husband’s comment made me laugh! He sounds just like my own liquor hording husband (I am banned from even looking at his 18yo Macallan Scotch).

  4. Oh have a drink for the both of us! Go ahead I won’t tell.

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