March 17, 2007


May your glass be ever full,
may the roof over your head
be always strong,
and may you be in heaven
half an hour before the devil
knows you’re dead.




  1. Cheers to you as well.
    I’m glad I have no hair to wear your beautiful beret in …cuase the vibes from it might burn
    and whole in the wearers head. 8)

    I kicked it on the couch all the rest of the evening (after ordering a crappy pizza cause I knew
    I needed to eat) and slept till 10am. I’m still weirded out that my body is changing…but what can you do? guess I’m really getting older, and well, it still just freaks me out. Opera’s show on the heart went through my mind, and I thought, “I’ve got one of those hearts nobody know was defective until boom, it blows” and I thought “I could die” and nothing flashed in front of my face. what a bummer. sooo, less coffee today, less cigarettes, and more water, and pondering even harder, “what the hell am I doing?”

    Iloveyou, and thanks for your support when I thought I was a goner.

  2. What’s Irish and green and lives outside out all winter?

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