WTF Fergie

March 22, 2007


I must say that while flipping through the People mag the other day in the bathroom, I let out a hoot and holler when I saw this photo. WTF!! what the hell is all that shit around her waist? what the hell are those big ‘ol things on her ears, is she landing a jet? and is she running to the sun–why the big shades? Good God! She probably dropped 10 pounds walking out the door with the big belt ‘o crap she strapped on. I mean seriously, do you truely need to accessorize THAT much when you go out for a run? In all fairness, she does look happy. . . me, I’d be flagging down a car to take me home (with the AC on, thank you very much).

Happy Thursday (one more day till the weekend!)~ DAWN



  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you got me belly laughing! that was so funny. not to menition it’s true. I just carry around one giant backpack, with everything I may need… but this b@#ch is loaded and could have a jet swoop her up or drop her off more water and sunscreen.
    Oh! and nice beret. your so talented, even if you do like taking things apart 3 times before you finish them.

  3. I saw this just this morning while waiting to have my eyes examined. I wondered the same thing-why the hell does she need so many bottles filled with water (one was filled with something pink though)-isn’t one water bottle sufficient? I have to admit, I also wondered how much the belt contraption probably cost her and was it because it was cool looking or does she really need all that water?

  4. LOL! Yep, I’d be flagging down a car too!

  5. I laughed so hard I had tears!

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