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Ooooo, Shiney

April 30, 2007

I am working on a new sock. I bought some yarn a few months ago intending to make green socks for a KAL but never got around to it. I guess I am unofficially part of Project Specturm and since this month is PINK, GREEN, YELLOW I started these socks:
I love the way a heel turns, don’t you? It is perfect and all you do is follow a few simple instructions and you have a round heel. Magic. I had a lot of cancelations this morning so I have been hard at work on this one. (sorry for the blurriness-I didn’t use a flash and it was a little dark this morning when I took it)

Also, following the “green” theme, my son has a green mini and yesterday we gave him some eyes:
Precious, no?

Well that is it for now, I just wanted to dazzle you with a few photos. Have a great week!


“The Hot Chick”

April 28, 2007

Watch this for the answer to yesterdays post title and enjoy:

We rented Memoirs of a Geshia and watched it last night. It was very good. I had read the book but I think I liked the movie more. At the end I looked over at my husband and said, ‘Finally’ for when the two got together. We have Akeela and the Bee to watch tonight. I think that one will be a winner, as well.

Have a great weekend and take some time to relax. I think I’m gonna make these Butterscotch Chip cookies. Her recipe looks great!


Hey, You Could Put Your Weed in That. . .

April 27, 2007

Come on, what movie is that line from. . .think. Not an overly popular movie not even a really good movie but that line cracked me up so much it is now a catch phrase in my house. Everytime I see something tiny or something with a little hidden pocket, I say it. It just cracks me up. So, after I finished yesterdays tiny knitting I held it up to my oldest and said, “Look what I made.” He glanced up from the laptop and said, “uh huh, nice.” And I replied with- – -(say it with me everyone) “you could put your weed in that”.
And for size reference:
Pattern: Amulet Pouch from Magknits
needles: 4 dpns size #2
Yarn: little bit of leftover sockyarn. Love the self stripping kind
Skills: easy easy and so tiny. I’m working on another one and will probably have one after that in my purse for those moments when you are stuck and wished you had your knitting with you.

You must, MUST hop over to Marnie’s blog and check out her newest addition. How can you have a bad day when you see something like this in the world?

Have a wonderful weekend. It is TAX FREE weekend here in Tennessee for the up coming school year. Yes, it is only April and school year 2007 is still in session. I will not look a tax free horse in the mouth so I will be hitting some stores.


Wanna Put My Tender Heart in a Blender

April 26, 2007

Well, this has been a week! and thank goodness it is almost over–I can’t take much more. I won’t bore you with details, I’ll just say my contract is up at work and I have been in talks about it and it has been very stressful. Did you know women like to talk about other women? Not in the “wow, I like your hair today” or “boy, you sure work hard” but shit like “you know what she said. . .” or “well, I heard. . .” , then you have to deal with the person in charge and try and defend yourself against shit that didn’t even happen or things that were never said. I swear, I just want to go to work, help my clients and go home. That’s it, folks. I’m not into drama and pot stirring. Ack!

Oh, look at the tiny knitting I have going on:
Is that not cute. I love that I can fit an entire project including the needles in the palm of my hand. What is it? I should have it done today and then I’ll just show you. But you can guess if you wanna–it’s not rocket science.

I made a trip to the post office to mail off my latest package for the PRGE and bought a few books of “forever” stamps. What a crock of crap. Stamps are going up by 2 cents on May 14th so use up what you got before then. “Forever” stamps, what does that even mean? ugh. Well, I will hold onto one book for the next hike in price and we’ll just see.

My middle son graduates from high school at the end of May so I slapped on a bunch of my cool stamps on the announcements. I buy stamps cause they’re pretty. My son has a 3.8 GPA and has made all 100’s on this last report card. He is super cool and super smart to boot. This fall we will have 2 in college and one in 6th grade. Man, time flies. Anyway, have a wonderful day.


Dogs Everywhere

April 24, 2007

We’ll call this the “dog” post, ‘k? First of all, have you ever seen a more pulled together pose on a Boxer? This is Winston, he’s 10 months old:
We should have named him “Elvis”. Look at that lip action. His poor jowls get caught in his bottom teeth all the time. I had a perfect, normal shot of him and by the time he put is head down and looked up again, that is what I got. Too funny.

Here we have:
What’s that? an exploided bunny? No silly’s… it’s spring time and in German Shephard land that means shedding. This is from wince it all came:
This is Timber, my boy! He will be 8 in November. The pile of fur in the back was only from a few minutes of brushing. We are still pulling out tuffs of hair from him. He probably won’t be done shedding for a few more weeks. I could have this spun into yarn and make about 2 throw pillows with it (each year!). You can see from the picture how puffy his butt is with fur that is barely hanging on.

Here we have a picture of Buster the Beagle. He doesn’t have facial problems like Winston or shedding problems like Timber. He is just a lot of dog in a little body. He thinks he is King Kong. Truely, he does.
You can clicky clicky for a bigger gander at him
That’s all for today folks. Peace~DAWN


There is Knitting

April 21, 2007

Yes, there has been knitting going on at my house but the number of finished objects is at zero at the moment. You see, I have been very unsatisfyed lately. I begin a project and quickly begin another and another and anther. When you do this you really get nothing done. So here are a couple of photos as proof:
This is the Generations Purse by KnitPicks. It is free on their website and it is also in the current issue of Knitpicks magazine. I had two leftover balls of the Cream color from my Swallowtail Shawl and thought this was the perfect project to do with it. I am about 1/2 way done. I hope to have it complete by the middle of next week.

This is the beginning of the Liesel scarf. I am doing one repeat instead of two. I like my scarves about 4 to 5 inches wide, anymore than that and it is TOO much scarf for me.

Not shown is a tank top, a lace scarf, socks, and a crochet baby blanket that I started last year and have picked up and decided to finish. Oh, and the Clapotis. Ha! that is a lot “on the needles” if you ask me. (that is 7 in case you weren’t counting).

Today we have been working in the yard and planting some plants and re-building our gazeebo. My husband is making a permenant roof for it instead of the canvas piece of crap that came with it. It is quite a job, but he is VERY VERY handy!

Have a great weekend!! and HAPPY EARTH DAY! my fellow earthlings.


The Birds

April 17, 2007

As promised, here is a photo of the baby birdies in their nest. I think there are 4, maybe 5 birds in there. It is really high up so it’s hard to tell.
It’s pretty cool to see they use dried leaves, moss, pine straw, various other dried debris as well as fur from my pup, Timber. He is a White German Shepherd and is shedding profusely at the moment. Pictures of that in a day or so, as well. You can see the white fur lining the inside of the nest. Pretty cool, huh?

On a DIY note… I found this website called Howtopedia (a wiki-formatted site). It was featured in the April/May issue of Ready Made. Check it out and see what you think. It is a growing site as people can collaborate and write their own “how to” articles.

Also, skip over to the link for the book Making Stuff and see what you make of it. While flipping through Bust magazine this month there is an article on how to make a cool cake stand from 3 mix and matched plates and 2 stemmed glasses. I really think it looks like a good book and I may have to order it. Give me time. You know I will.

Well, that ought to give you plenty to do for the next few minutes. Have a great day!! ~DAWN