Block Me

April 8, 2007

Remember this:
Well, it is done and ready to be blocked. I hope to have it on the diningroom table sometime today. That should cause much fuss with my oldest. Everytime I need to block something he comes in and goes, “what the hell is that on the table?” usually followed by, “I need to do some homework (ha) where can I put this?” shows me his gigantic drawing pad. So, we’ll see.

Oh, the weather has turned to crap. Truely. Since I have lived in Tennessee, I do not believe we have had a decent Easter weekend. It is either raining, cold, or bloody windy. We will surely get 2 out of three this year. They call it a “dogwood winter” because the dogwood trees are in full bloom (gorgeous) and it is freezing here at night. I think the hardy perenials will survive it but we had idiots who planted annuals and stuff when the weather was 80 degrees. Hello, it is still SPRING. Safe planting time is after April the 15th here.

Wow, you really care about the plant and harvest zones of the South, don’t you? I have been making a few surprises for my PRGE secret pal. I can’t wait to send her the next package. It is gonna be full of goodies and quite a few will be homemade.

Happy Easter, Spring, New Beginnings, or in our case, Welcome back WINTER!!



  1. After two weeks of short sleeves we’re having the same crappy weather you are here in middle Georgia. Have fun blocking!

  2. NC is having the same craptacular weather. I am just glad our azaleas made it through the night! Looking forward to your FO!

  3. It got chilly here to. I know not as cold as there but cold to me.

  4. way to grow sister! knowing that Apirl 15th is the satfy date. yes, I know people too who have planted early. but, alas the weather is slowly turning a bit warmer. we’ll be back in shorts and sweating in no time.

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