We Interrupt Blocking for. . .

April 9, 2007

Movie reviews!! Yay!
We went to the movies yesterday and saw “BLADES OF GLORY”. *****
Yes, yes, it was that good. So damn funny it is hard to pick a favorite part. I swear I thought I was gonna hyperventilate at times. Sit back, enjoy all of the double entendres, and try to control yourself when Will Ferril takes off his shirt. “It bottles the mind.” (and did you know that Louis Armstrong is still on the moon?)

We went to an Irish pub for dinner afterwards and had some great food that I later regret mixing with buttered popcorn. However, in my defense I am weak and unable to go to a movie theater and NOT eat popcorn. It is a sickness, I realize.

Also, we rented The Holiday and Flyboys both of which I recommend. I was pleasantly surprised by flyboys and of course what girl doesn’t enjoy the occasional romantic comedy. That Jude Law can be really steamy. Not to mention that Cameron Diaz looks pretty much good in anything. Her wardrobe in the movie was exceptional.

So that was our weekend. Cold and spent in front of the t.v or movie screen. I will try to block the ponchette tomorrow and have a FO to show by the end of the week. I have started working on Clapotis from Knitty. I finally joined the zealous knitters who have taken this pattern on. I must say, I was intimidated by it for some reason until I began working on it. Now, I think. . . pst, whatever. As a matter of fact. . . I am working on 2 of them. Ha! one is in the yummy yarn that my secret pal gave me and the other is in dk weight alpaca. I know, WOW, right?



  1. I can’t tell you how many times I started Clapotis and threw it in the corner.. I thought it was so difficult. Now I understand why people were knitting them while watching tv. What a difference some experience makes, huh?

  2. We saw Meet the Robinsons this weekend. My 12 yo wanted to see it. It was what you expect from a Disney film, cute.

    I’m eager to see how your clapotis looks.

  3. Oh my gosh I loved that movie! My favorite part was when he was laying on the floor and singing into the phone “I don’t wanna miss a thing!” Oh my, I was laughing so hard. Then I had a dream that I dated Will Ferrel, good times. I’m like, in love with that man.

  4. Why haven’t I knitted Clapotis yet, why? Its been on my list these years but another projects always seems to bump it back down the list. Glad to hear that Flyboy is a girl movie too. That’s one I’m planning to see.

  5. “Louis Armstrong is still on the moon”–HAW! (coffee almost came out of my nose when i read that…)

    too funny.

    i can’t sit in a movie theater and not eat heavily buttered popcorn, either. it may be a sickness, but it’s one i heartily enjoy…

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