What’s Going On?

April 10, 2007

Well, here is a little bit of the goings on in my knit world. The first picture is Clapotis 1 and 2. One is being done in the chunky hand-dyed yarn my secret pal sent me (on #10 needles) and two is being done with a dk weight alpaca on #8 needles.
As you can see, on number one I have already begun to drop stitches. On number two, not yet. These could take me a little while but they are great projects for watching t.v. I can’t knit and watch movies, though. I have to pay attention to my movies. Most t.v shows I can look away and still get what is going on.

Next up, we have the ponchette laying on the diningroom table, just hanging out and drying. I think I have it blocked out to the proper size but we all know that until I get it sewn up the side and try it on, the jury is still out. It looks nice laying there, though.

And just a bit of commentary because I can. If you call me “nappy headed” or a “ho”, I will break your jaw. If you do it on a radio show for thousands to hear–well, let’s just say public ridicule is a bitch, man. Deal with it. Also, Pac Man Jones will be suspended for an entire year with the Titans. I am smiling with glee. Okay, enough of that depressing bit of Americana. Go out and say something nice and do something nice for a stranger. It will help to cleanse the collective conscience, I promise.



  1. Nice start on your clappies! And I agree with you – I’m disgusted with these crude radio “personalities”. Gah! So, I’m off to do a nice thing. :o)

  2. I’m happy to say I haven’t turned on my t.v. in a week, and I don’t listen to the radio, so I don’t know what your talking about. ignorance is bliss. I do however know about the pac-man jones stuff…loosely. hey, I’m paying for my “going out on the town” days, he sure as hell should too.
    your knitting looks very nice, Dawn. I’m not sure what they are or what they make look like when you get done, nor do I know a thing about knitting and what your talking about (blocking and dropped stiches) but I can certainly tell you make very beautiful things. I couldn’t make a knot prettier.

  3. I am off to commit a random act of kindness!! Love the Clapotis especially the thick and thin one… hmmm… I have some stash that could do that… Have a great rest of the week!!

  4. loooovin the look of that ponchette!!!!

    i think anything al sharpton gets his weave into becomes a circus that isnt worth the newsprint once he’s into it…
    that’s just my two cents! 😉

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