Spring Is Back

April 12, 2007

Finally, spring has returned. It is sunny, breezy, and my allergies are acting up. Yay! I had a terrible allergic reaction to something last night as I lay in bed. I got up and took a Benydril and proceeded to pass out. I slept better than I had in weeks! I also woke up with the inside of my nose feeling like the sahara desert. Dry nose weighed against restful night sleep. . . hmmm, worth it.

I am plugging along on the Clapotis (fraternal) twins. I think I’m gonna cast on for a smaller project to interject some excitment into my knitting time. It will prolong the finishing of the clapotis but. . . my sanity will be saved.

Last night my oldest brought this home for me:
Ain’t that sweet–he brought me chocolate (and there was no alterior motive, either). I ate two of them, hence the empty spots. They are delicious! Soho designer chocolates from Whitman’s.

Cheers! to a beautiful day. ~DAWN



  1. LOL Glad you got a shot on those delicious looking chocolates before they were all gone. 🙂

  2. I love your table set up, who is the statue of? And if you don’t mind asking, are there various things on the plate she (he?) is holding? It looks like a feather and…?

  3. Love the fountains!!! Looks very relaxing. I’m right with you with the sinus problems…ended up calling the doc for meds!!

  4. What a peaceful space.

  5. i love the top picture- it looks like a nice, meditative space.
    So glad spring is making a comeback in your part of the world. Definitely worth celebrating with chocolates!

  6. hey I got you cotton candy. guess it didn’t make it long enough for a picture. (the the chocolates almost didn’t make it either) one of the pirks of having a son who’s the candy man, I guess. that top photo ‘is’ very nice.

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