Ahoy, me Hearties

April 15, 2007

Behold the latest FO cranked out in under an hour last evening while watching the end of the Bourne Identity:
Ain’t she grand? It is the Skully Dish Cloth created by Carissa, a fellow PRK‘r. I originally had grand plans to have to photo taken on an old stump in the yard however, the weather is not cooperating today and we are sitting in drizzle.

The baby birds in our garage have hatched and everytime you walk out the door they pop their head out and squeek for food. It is the cutiest thing. They are house wrens and they nest in our garage EVERY year. Last year they had two broods in one year. This time we didn’t take down the nest and they came back to the same one. They just fluffed it up a bit with new straw and such. I will try and get a picture in the next day or two. I try and be respectful and not bug them too much. The nest is on a cabinet that we store food and some of my crafy stuff in so I am constantly going to it and getting stuff. They are very patient birds and bide their time until you leave or move to the other side of the garage. Not aggressive at all. Unlike mocking birds! uhh, do I have a story about them. But, never mind that. . .

Okay, have a great day and I will see you during the week. Tah Tah.



  1. Yo ho ho, fabulous dishcloth!

  2. aarrrrrr! many a dirty dish will be be shaken in the boots to see that dish cloth a flyin’.

    look how you make us talk. it just comes out when some one starts it and you see skull -n- bones.
    and don’t you have a good story about blue jays too? 😉

  3. Yippee, what a fun picture!! I love the dishcloth, but really love that it is falling out of your pirates chest-o-booty!! Fun!!

  4. hee- i love your skully dishcloth, and all the other loot in your treasure chest.
    baby birds in your garage- how sweet!

  5. Oh so these are your’s, I say them on Punk Rock Knitters. There fabulous.
    How long have you been knitting for?

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