The Birds

April 17, 2007

As promised, here is a photo of the baby birdies in their nest. I think there are 4, maybe 5 birds in there. It is really high up so it’s hard to tell.
It’s pretty cool to see they use dried leaves, moss, pine straw, various other dried debris as well as fur from my pup, Timber. He is a White German Shepherd and is shedding profusely at the moment. Pictures of that in a day or so, as well. You can see the white fur lining the inside of the nest. Pretty cool, huh?

On a DIY note… I found this website called Howtopedia (a wiki-formatted site). It was featured in the April/May issue of Ready Made. Check it out and see what you think. It is a growing site as people can collaborate and write their own “how to” articles.

Also, skip over to the link for the book Making Stuff and see what you make of it. While flipping through Bust magazine this month there is an article on how to make a cool cake stand from 3 mix and matched plates and 2 stemmed glasses. I really think it looks like a good book and I may have to order it. Give me time. You know I will.

Well, that ought to give you plenty to do for the next few minutes. Have a great day!! ~DAWN



  1. Nice picture, they look really cute!

  2. Aw, what sweet birds!! Great picture! 🙂

  3. Isn’t it awesome to know that nature recycles itself with debris and fur. 🙂

  4. that’s like the condo of birdhouses. how the hell did I miss that in your garage? must be the angle. I have to say, I’ve noticed your photos are very nice lately. angles, zoomed, and such. good job.
    ta-ta vira

  5. how cool is that? great shot too! just stalkin by to say hi! hope alls well!

  6. Ooh, baby birdies–so cute! Great photo!

  7. those little birds- how cute!
    i too love the way they recycle all sort of bits from nature for their nests. I’m sure the dog hair made it all the more comfy and warm!

  8. Birds nest absolutely fascinate me….what a great pic!!!

  9. amazing photo! birds totally fascinate me. the way they build their nests, attend to their eggs and the babies, teach them to fly and fend for themselves…all of it. incredible.

    that’s some nest!

    btw, how are you liking wordpress? i got a dreamhost account back in dec. b/c i was so annoyed with bloogleglogger. but i still haven’t managed to set up my blog there yet. *sigh* i’m such a luddite…

  10. What a great picture! I love how birds reuse and recycle things.

    The Falling Water Lace Scarf was a great knit, and I think it will be even more beautiful as a stole.

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