There is Knitting

April 21, 2007

Yes, there has been knitting going on at my house but the number of finished objects is at zero at the moment. You see, I have been very unsatisfyed lately. I begin a project and quickly begin another and another and anther. When you do this you really get nothing done. So here are a couple of photos as proof:
This is the Generations Purse by KnitPicks. It is free on their website and it is also in the current issue of Knitpicks magazine. I had two leftover balls of the Cream color from my Swallowtail Shawl and thought this was the perfect project to do with it. I am about 1/2 way done. I hope to have it complete by the middle of next week.

This is the beginning of the Liesel scarf. I am doing one repeat instead of two. I like my scarves about 4 to 5 inches wide, anymore than that and it is TOO much scarf for me.

Not shown is a tank top, a lace scarf, socks, and a crochet baby blanket that I started last year and have picked up and decided to finish. Oh, and the Clapotis. Ha! that is a lot “on the needles” if you ask me. (that is 7 in case you weren’t counting).

Today we have been working in the yard and planting some plants and re-building our gazeebo. My husband is making a permenant roof for it instead of the canvas piece of crap that came with it. It is quite a job, but he is VERY VERY handy!

Have a great weekend!! and HAPPY EARTH DAY! my fellow earthlings.



  1. i *love* the liesel scarf–esp. in that color!

    i find it hard to focus on just one project as well.

    and earth day? it’s earth day? maybe that’s why the sun finally decided to come out at long last! =)

  2. What a pretty purse pattern. 🙂

  3. yeah girl, you got a lot of projects happening ( or not happening ). think you’d better figure out which is the fastest to finish it – and then, like, finish it. theres nothing like a bunch of loose ends to make you feel unproductive. I bet in the middle of all that, your watching your programs, reading, laundrying, cooking, gardening, (happy Earthday 8)) one day at a time…one project…two tops. and I like the color of the scarf, too. what a nice green.
    love you

  4. I like the idea of cutting down the repeat on that scarf, skinny scarves are nicer. I started that scarf but the pattern made me crazy! Someday when it’s quiet around here, I can try it again. Yours looks terrific, love the yarn.

  5. I think someone has Castonitis!! hehe That’s okay, occasionally there are projects that you just aren’t “feeling”. Besides, odds are at least one out of seven will get finished, right?

  6. I too have that problem of jumping from project to project finishing NOTHING!
    Yours look like they are coming along!

  7. ohhhh SO much knitting going on! good for you! & love that leisel scarf! (psst… another prge package should be arriving soon) 😉

    yeah… just stalkin by to say hi WITH an identity!

  8. I love the purse pattern, very cute!

  9. I used to have that problem too, starting a project while still working on something, so I always ended up with too much at once. So I promised myself to only have one project at a time, and I sorta stuck to that………at least I don´t buy yarn for a new project while I´m still working on another……..but I always have left over yarn and there is so much that can be done with just a little bit of yarn……..

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