Hey, You Could Put Your Weed in That. . .

April 27, 2007

Come on, what movie is that line from. . .think. Not an overly popular movie not even a really good movie but that line cracked me up so much it is now a catch phrase in my house. Everytime I see something tiny or something with a little hidden pocket, I say it. It just cracks me up. So, after I finished yesterdays tiny knitting I held it up to my oldest and said, “Look what I made.” He glanced up from the laptop and said, “uh huh, nice.” And I replied with- – -(say it with me everyone) “you could put your weed in that”.
And for size reference:
Pattern: Amulet Pouch from Magknits
needles: 4 dpns size #2
Yarn: little bit of leftover sockyarn. Love the self stripping kind
Skills: easy easy and so tiny. I’m working on another one and will probably have one after that in my purse for those moments when you are stuck and wished you had your knitting with you.

You must, MUST hop over to Marnie’s blog and check out her newest addition. How can you have a bad day when you see something like this in the world?

Have a wonderful weekend. It is TAX FREE weekend here in Tennessee for the up coming school year. Yes, it is only April and school year 2007 is still in session. I will not look a tax free horse in the mouth so I will be hitting some stores.



  1. I have no idea what movie that’s from.. though it seems like something I should know. Cute amulet bag.. I thought you were making a sock, silly me.

  2. I am clueless, the first thing I thought of was “Up in Smoke”-but that was hugely popular and I don’t see many movies, but yes, you could put your weed in that (not that you have any or anything). Super cute though.

  3. That is so cute! I might just have to make myself one of those if I have any of that sock yarn left over.

    (I have to admit that during my misspent youth I had a pouch a lot like that, only with rainbow stripes, that I did in fact keep my weed in. Heh.)

  4. I love it!

  5. That is adorable!! I love love little tiny things and I think I’m going to have to knit one of those this weekend. Perfect to hold special stones and such. (I don’t know the movie either!)

  6. That really is adorable! And who doesn’t have leftover sock yarn? (hey you really could put your weed in that)!!!!! LOL
    Hope you made the cookies, and hope they were delicious! Ours are all gone!

  7. lol we use that phrase as well at our house… I love tiny boxes and bags and yours is so very cute!

  8. hehe this post cracks me up! i love your little amulet pouch. But i have no idea of the movie your family saying came from. šŸ˜¦

  9. LOL love that cute little pouch šŸ™‚

  10. […] used the Amulet Pouch pattern from Magknits’ Nov 2005 issue which I had first seen on Dawn’s blog and thought was adorable. I used Koigu KPPM fingering weight yarn with size US2 dpn’s and a […]

  11. Methinks it’s from a Saturday Night Live skit with the original cast…

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