Still at It

May 3, 2007

Well, I have been quiet for a few days now. . . how did you ever live without me? I have been busy knitting away and getting my house tidy (or at least the livingroom and my bedroom, we have to pace ourselves).

1. I have one sock done and am working on the heel flap of the second, I have been working on the Leisle scarf and it is probably close to half done, also, I have been busy frogging and frogging and frogging until I think I am craving flies. I began a lace project today with actual lace weight yarn. The lightest I’ve gone is fingering weight. Oh, I have tried lace weight before but in the end I, say it with me, Frog it. I am determined that lace projects are perfect for summer and I am going to get this damn thing done if it kills me. Oh, and I made a Calamitory but I sooooo do not look good in headband type things. I wear them when I am cleaning and stuff, but you won’t be seeing a photo of it on my head… nope.

2. Work is a bit better, mainly because I am VERY conscience of the talk that goes on. If it feels like gossip or like it really doesn’t involve me then I walk out and find something to do in the back. It will be better when we move to our new building because we will be more seperate and won’t be forced to sit in the same room.

Here are the boys. No, they aren’t in jail. That is their pen during the day when we are all in and out and away. They are set free in the evening and spend the night in the house. I just loved how they were all lined up in height order.

I am off to take some photos of some knitting so you all will not loose faith in me. Oh, by the way. . . visit Carissa’s blog (she is my secret pal and since I got to reveal myself to her I get to plug her blog to you all). She is into cupcakes in a big way and everytime she puts up some on her blog I get a craving.



  1. What a beautiful, beautiful picture! I adore it! Your boys are so handsome!!!

  2. what lace project did you start with the laceweight?! 🙂 I haven’t finished anything with laceweight yet either… I am determined to, though!

    I love the dog picture. 🙂

  3. btw… LOVE that pic! hope you have a great wk/end (and that you get your package today) 😉

  4. Love your well posed fellows! They’re just so adorable 🙂

  5. I have a lace project with laceweight yarn going right now, too. It is not the easiest stuff for me to work with, but I am determined. It seems I knit and knit and get nowhere…for sanity sake I suggest lifelines- lots of them.

    I love the doggie pic! The middle one seems to have this look that says “why the hell are you taking our picture instead of letting us out to play?!

  6. What a great picture of the dogs!

  7. Hi Boys!! You all look like you need a big scratch behind the ears…

  8. Love the puppies! They are darling.

  9. Such pretty boys–I miss having dogs.

    I’m glad to hear things at work are looking up!

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