Thanks PRGE Pal

May 8, 2007

Here is a little chuckle.
Conversation between me and my youngest while I dropped him off at school. I noticed the lady in the car next to us had a string around her head and I leaned forward to get a better look and said:
Me: does that lady have an eye patch on?
Son: yeah, I think she does.
Me: wow, she’s like a pirate driving a van.
Son: I wonder if she has a pot of gold in the back?
Me: (slight pause and look of bewilderment) that’s a Leprechaun.
Son: Oh yeah.

Aarrrrr Matie, they’re after me pot ‘o gold! Can’t you see that pirate leprechaun running around the bow of a ship in his little knickers smoking a pipe. It’s absolutely hilarious in my head.

Now, for a gushing of thanks for my PRGE Pal roxtarchic for sending me a great second package full of Godiva chocolates, lovely bamboo yarn and some super cool stitch markers:
see the little dice stitch markers in the bag–too cute

Well, I am still plugging along on the lace stole and I have learned a few lessons and I am sure there are many more in store for me before it is all knitted and blocked. I will share my insites with you in the next post (I will update with photos). I want to share with you in hopes that, if you are lace knitting with me, we may be able to learn from each others mistakes.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Give yourself a special treat today (chocolate, tea, a haircut, whatever). Peace.



  1. LOL Kids are hilarious! Love your chocolate and yarn photo. There is no better combination 🙂

  2. LOL, nothing like a little pirate running around with a pot of gold. I’ve been away from the computer for awhile and had to catch up on your blog. I love the pictures of the dogs. I will probably be doing something in lace this summer but haven’t decided what.

  3. SOOO funny! Kids are just the best!

    Thanks for telling me to give myself an extra treat….I’m off to eat some brownies! 🙂

  4. The Godive box/chocolate looks yummy!
    About the spinning. I thought so too. Had roving and spindle, looked at it for weeks. Finally got the Spin-Off back issues, and the CD, which didn’t help much. Reading blogs of great spinners did help me get started though. The best way I think is to find someone who does already spin and watch them. I just hung my very first mini skein to dry!!! Finished spinning the yarn sample this morning, got up early again. My left shouler is screaming, I guess I’m doing something wrong, but tried standing up today. Best advise given to me so far, spin every day for 15 minutes (haven’t done that yet), pull roving apart in stripes to the thickness you think you want your yarn to be. I’m very happy with my first finished spun roving, even though it’s useless, but will be the ground stone for more.

  5. Your son is awesome! Your PRGE pal has great taste — what a classy and luxurious parcel.

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