Some Lace Lessons

May 10, 2007

First of all let me say that no matter how tedious and hair pulling this odessy my be, it will be worth it in the end to hold that light piece of artwork that I created in my hands. Having said that, I have re-started my stole since the picture was posted last time. Uh huh, I did. I am now done with 4 repeats and it is looking good (although I did drop a stitch somewhere but. . . )

Lesson 1: noththing is perfect and you can’t spend time trying to be perfect or look for the imperfections or you won’t be living your life.

Lesson 2: pointy metel needles are INVALUABLE for knitting lace. Don’t try bamboo or cheap off brands of needles. Invest in addies or knitpicks needles and live it up, baby.

Lesson 3: you can not, I repeat, can not relax during the Wrong Side Purl rows. This is where your mistake will inevitable happen. You let your guard down and start talking or blinking and before you know it a stitch has been dropped or eaten or something and you will want to cry in dispare. Just remain focused which leads me to lesson 4

Lesson 4: knit MINDFULLY. That doesn’t mean shut up alone in a quiet room with no air. It means- knit each stitch, one at a time with attention and care. Having said that, a quiet room with little distraction helps.

Lesson 5: you can not knit lace patterns with lace yarn and little needles AND socialize at the same time. I would dare you but the end result would be cruel and you would want to smack me for taking the dare (even though it would be your own fault, since you were warned).

That is all the lessons I have learned at the moment. I will continue to post lessons as they come up for me. In the mean time here is a picture of where I am so far.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with UFO shots every other day. I will keep a running tab on my side bar as to how many repeat sets I have competed. This will help me to continue to knit on this and not let it collect dust. So after having restarted this project a grand total of 4 times, I am off and running and not looking back. Yay for me.

Have a great day.



  1. I would say ut it away for a week but you are a junkie and can not put it away for a wek because you will ned a fix within a few days. I sor that you had to start all over again but at least it s better then woking and having the boss yell at you. Remember that I love you. Have a beter afternoon and Oh by the way WHAT’S FOR DINNER???????????????????

  2. It looks lovely and I am forever grateful for all the lessons you are learning and posting. If I ever get up the nerve to try knitting lace I will keep them close by.

  3. Hehe, love the husband comment, mine would say something similar… He hates it when I try to knit lace in the evenings, since I am not good company. Your stole looks beautiful!!

  4. you changed the blog look!

    the lace is looking great, Dawn. πŸ™‚

  5. No relaxation of any kind during lace knitting. Got it! πŸ™‚

  6. Those are great lessons learned. After reading them I’m not so sure I’m ready for lace just yet. The stole is looking awesome.

  7. testing, testing….I just realized the last two comments I have made to you have not posted to your blog…to sum up…I am seriously jealous of the Godiva! MMM MMM.
    As for the lace knitting- Lifelines…I love ’em, use them and you will too! and liquor and lace knitting do not mix…

  8. you are a junkie.
    it’s pretty, looks like coral.
    wonder what the others looked like.
    good luck…junkie.

  9. oh and I played your game on may 7th
    did’t want you to miss my movie.

  10. The lace looks lovely. I am not sure if I have the patience. But, you are an inspiration.

  11. It’s looking gorgeous! I’m currently pulling my hair out over a lace shawl.
    The yarn you used is gorgeous.

  12. That looks terrific so far!

    #3 is what’s tripping me up right now, I think. I keep ending a WS row to find I’ve lost stitches. I also think my cheapie aluminum needles are maybe not so much the way to go here–I was swatching for a different project the other day on my Knit Picks needles, which I just got recently, and I was stunned at how much more relaxed my knitting was compared to using my Boye needles. I think I’m going to frog the lace wrap (again!) and start over fresh with the KP needles instead…

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