It’s In The Bag

May 17, 2007

I am all about the sharing so after reading Monika’s post on building a better bag I jumped to the link and I built myself a better bag. The link is to Happy Things (and if you like to sew because you are cheap like me and hate to pay for things you know you can make), check it out.

So this is the first one I made with the measurements that “Happy” gave.
Isn’t she cute, oooh what’s that? Is that a bit of knitting peeking out at you? Well, imagine that. This bag will hold two skeins of Peachs N Cream yarn (if they are full skeins you’ll have to do some cramming). It is perfect for keeping my yarn from tangling around itself.

Around these parts, look what grows on trees:
Yeah, no. I wish. This is a second bag I made. About 4 inches bigger so it can be used to transport my “socks in progress” knitting.
Is that MORE knitting peeking out at you? I’m shameless. Anyway, this bag is the perfect tote along for small projects (cause like I said, I’m cheap and I refuse to pay for things that I just know that I can make myself. Not that I don’t, I just usually won’t).

Let me give you a little tip if you make this bag. First of all I am not showing you the two cute bags that are about 2 inches smaller than the original pattern (I was in the mood and wanted to use up scaps). But, here is the lesson: step 2 says “2. Press the seam towards the lining and open up.” I highly recommend that you pay attention to the direction you are pressing. If you press the seam toward the middle and not toward the lining you get a raw edge on the inside of the bag. True, it is on the INSIDE, but still, it’s not a better bag then, is it. So just be mindful of that and all will go well. Press toward the lining.

Happy sewing and happy knitting and well, mine is gonna be busy so let me say it now, Happy weekend!!
p.s. How about that Blake and Jordan? wootwoot!! They are both my top picks, maybe there will be a tie.



  1. Hey, how neat! I love the larger bag, the fabric is awsome! You are a quick one! ;o) I wish they would grow on trees, everytime I need one as a gift bag! ;o) Have a great weekend!

  2. wow luv the bags! i definetly need to make some. ill add it on my very long list of fabulous crafty things i gotta do. hehe. ive been cheerin for blake, the cool part is my bf has worked with him before, at outback steakhouse in bothell a few years ago. to cool. have a fab weekend!

  3. Dawn, I love the bags. Very cute. I am saving the pattern and putting it on my to do list.

  4. Ooo… is that a swiffer cover, by chance?

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