Happy Dance

May 20, 2007

Please go to this link about Matt and watch this video. My favorite is when he was in Rwanda, all the little kids came running over to dance with him. It is one of the cutest and most heartwarming things I have seen. The captions are pretty damn funny, too. Now, go out in public and do a little dance.

my sister just called me to tell me to go out and check out the moon. I did (and I dragged out my whole family–husband, 3 kids, and my dad) to see this awesome moon in a clear sky. Gorgeous!! Thanks, Sis!!



  1. Very cute.
    Also love the bags. Btw, we made those cowboy cookies the other day. They were delicious!

  2. That moon was incredible. Did you see Venus, too?

    I love those bags!


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