Look, She Knits

May 24, 2007


See, there has been knitting going on here. I just can’t post about it ALL the time. Well, I could but I choose not to. I don’t normally stand around knitting but when I put on that outfit, I felt so cute, I wanted to share it with you. I wore it mainly because my new room at work is like a sauna! I have the vent wide open, a fan blowing and still it is stuffy and hot. I hope that the owner gets it fixed otherwise I may not be able to handle it as the summer rolls on. Oh, and I also have dark, heavy lined curtains hanging at the windows. I should take a picture of my massage room to show you. It is small but cute, like a jewel box, all purple and cozy-like.

Tomorrow is a big day around these parts. My second son is graduating high school. I am going to brag a bit. . . they only do top 10% recognition here but my son is in the top 15%! which (in my opinion) kicks ass!! He is so smart and so sweet and so cute and so tall. I will have plenty of post grad photos over the weekend (I know you are looking forward to that). He will be going to the same college as his older brother (that sounds funny since #1 is only 362 days older). #1’s major is Graphic Design and #2’s will be Mass Communication (he likes photography).

That is a picture of the moon with Venus that my sister called me about the other nite. It was much cooler in person, but you get the idea. Look at the close proximity of that planet–it was one of the prettiest nite skies I think I have ever seen.

Carry on with your day–Peace~DAWN
on a P.S. note: my youngest son’s reading class is watching Alfred Hitchcock’s “THE BIRDS”. His reading teacher is the bomb!! she also taught them poetry by teaching them the song lyrics of people such as John Lennon and The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Hello, my teachers in Elementary school were never that cool (except for Mrs. Cowling).



  1. Yah for the outfit that you feel fabulous in!!

    Congrats to your son on his graduation!!

  2. You know I’ve noticed lady Venus has been pretty bright here lately. I almost took the same pic last night too but I was driving. 😦 Great Pic!!!

  3. Huge congrats to your son! Have a great weekend!

  4. Congrats to you and your son!

  5. I’m glad something awsome was going on today – cause my day was lame-o.
    whoray for Sean. now time for the adult journey to begin.

    I’m glad everyone is enjoying the moon as well. and thanks for letting me know that was Venus. that’s awsome.

    I havn’t checked in, in a few days so there was much to catch up on.
    I think it’s sweet, Hubby writes you on your blog and checks it out.

    and I love office supplies as well. must be a female creating thing.

    I got one of those cameras too. (mini) from Joanne. I don’t use mine, cause I can’t down load the photos. anyone there want it?

    what kinda bird was that? —your outfit was cute— and we have simular spiritual beliefs.

    ok, I think thats it for now.
    love you.

  6. Great outfit and I’d love to see a picture of your massage room. Beautiful shot of the moon and Venus! I just can’t seem to get good pictures of the moon!

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