Fodder for a Nest?

June 1, 2007

Well, here is what is becoming of the mohair/silk yarn (or the peanut):
I completed a lot of it yesterday while we waited for my son to register for college. Boring for the parents but exciting (somewhat for the kids). Since my son will be commuting, a lot of what they were covering didn’t pertain to him, but you have to sit through it all. This piece of light and airy froth was a nice way to pass the time.

Now, remember those house wrens that made a nest and had babies in my garage? well, they’re back and this time they made their nest in a Tupperware bowl that is in a cabinet in the garage. The babies have hatched and the mama gets soooo made if you get near while she is waiting to feed them. She sits nearby and squwaks something aweful until you get done with the laundry or getting something out of the deep freeze. Geeshe!
It looks a little like a mad experiment gone wrong, but I assure you, the babies are fine and healthy and will be leaving the, um, nest shortly. We also have Purple Finches in our boston fern on the front porch. Apparently, we are an incubator for natures feathered friends.

Have a fantastic Friday!!! yay!



  1. damn, that’s a great job with the peanut!
    I would have ripped my hair out…oh that’s right, I got no hair.
    messed up the ‘hawk’ a little and had to shave it. got the summer
    bald gotting on.

  2. that peanut is lookin good…
    sending the third and final ANNNNNNY day now… 😉

    hope you have a great wk/end! and lotsa congrats for the graduate! ya gotta brag… it really makes other people smile for ya!

  3. Ah yes, I see what you mean, a little goes a long way. And it’s looking lovely!

    It’s nice that your feathered friends have a safe place to perch. The bird nests around here always get raided by the rats, crows or cats. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? I once saw a cat stealing a chick while the rest of the flock was putting up a huge ruckus. I felt like I was witnessing a crime!

  4. Nice looking peanut. It looks so soft. Glad to see the birds found a safe nest.

  5. Beautiful peanut!!!

  6. That scarf is looking great! Is that yarn maddening to do lace work with? I was really eyeing some Kidsilk at a yarn store a few weeks ago…

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