Hello Again

June 5, 2007

Well, I disappeared for a bit, didn’t I? Over the weekend I had a terrible head cold that really sucked the energy right out of me. Better to have it now and get it over with than have it when we are on vacation in a few weeks. That would bite.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of knitting going on (one of those times that we all face, I suppose). Instead this little beauty has been distracting me:
reading-elephants.jpg I am simply loving this story! The writing is exceptional and the story is captivating. I am sailing through it (for me, anyway). I hope to be done with it before we leave for Florida so that I can take a nice fat period piece with me. I don’t know how this book will end and I really don’t care at this point because I don’t think I can be disappointed with it.

I have also been distracted from knitting by these:
new-knitting-booksrs.jpg Before you flip out (because I know if you added up the price tag you’d faint) these have been purchased over a period of time and I still owe on the Vogue Felting book–but the bags 2 was mine for free for previewing the felting book. Anyway, I am going to give a brief review of all these (only my opinion).

*Victorian Lace Today–great inspirational book with plenty of projects that are doable. It is a gorgeous coffee table book, the photos are exquisite.
*Knitting Never Felt Better–wow! so many ideas I would never have considered. Plus there are so many color combos and patterns in here. If you love to felt, you should definately give it a look see.
*Knitting Lingerie Syle–surf the net, you will find dozens of reviews with people who took the time to scan photos for you. It has a lot of wow factor and the photos are really great ( I like to see several angles of the same project, especially when we are talking about clothing, but you can’t have everything ). As far as the number of projects I will attempt from this book, lets just say it’s a good thing it is pretty to look at and high quality printing. I would say maybe 4 or 5 out of the 30 projects are for my patience level. I knew that before I bought it though, so that was not a dig. It is worth it for the reference if nothing else.
*The Knitters Guide to Yarn Cocktails–What can I say, I didn’t need this book and some of the patterns are non desirable, but some are cute and doable and when you add in drink recipes, well hell, it can only get better, right? It is a fun book that will get some use here (on both counts).
*Bags Two–well. . . not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I’m glad this was a free-be. I have a much better Knitted bags book for you (no picture, sorry I was slacking). It is called The Knitter’s Bible Knitted Bags. If you like to knit purses and bags, get it! It is the best. As for this one. I like the Market Bag. Enough said.

Now I will complain just a wee bit, K? I have a big problem with designers using REALLY EXPENSIVE YARN that uses REALLY LARGE AMOUNTS. Hello, I have a budget and some sense. Second complaint: “here is the yarn I used, but it is no longer available.” What? What? ugh, whatever.

Okay. That was it for the complaining. See, not so terrible. I understand that it is nice to see luxury projects and some people will actually do them in said yarn but I’m not one of them. It is just a pet peeve regardless of the excuse and I feel better now that it is out. Believe it or not, I will post some knitting in the next day or so–wait and see. Have a great day and with all this exposure to books, get one and read it.

Oh, please, please, please, please click on THIS for the funniest picture I’ve seen in awhile. I don’t even have an appropriate caption for it.



  1. Can I add to your pet peeve? I hate it when they show the project and say what the yarn is, but don’t give you the amount of yarn, gauge and weight, so if you do want to substitute, you actually have to go online and find someone who sells the designers yarn and get the details from them. Why can’t the test knitters use a variety of yarns (in a variety of prices)?? Oh, I feel so much better now!

    And I LOVE Victorian Lace Knitting Today!!

  2. I’ve got to see if they have it at the Library! I love to read mysteries!

  3. I hate that, too. I know in some cases a yarn manufacturer is putting out the pattern and wants only their yarn mentioned, but in a book it seems unneccesarily limiting. I do wish that patterns would at least consistenly list the yarn’s weight and the yardage used, especially when they’re using something obscure. It’d make it a lot easier to substitute.

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