Sweet Petunia

June 6, 2007

The Petunia Tote from Interweave Knits, Spring 2007 issue

I was hoping to have this completed by the time we leave for Florida in a few weeks but I’m not so sure I’m gonna make it. If I knit 5 rounds each day I will be done about 4 days before we leave but that is not including the strap. Plus, I need to line it and that involves a day of sewing. So, I think I have a challenge in front of me. I am going to give it a try. The yarn is really nice for a tote. It is strong and has a nice sheen to it. This color reminds me of butterscotch, mmmmm.

TIP: About halfway through the chart I noticed that I had some gaps in my stitches that were next to the purled stitches. Not pretty. So, here is what I have come up with and it is working out nicely. Twist the stitches before and after the purled stitches by Knitting Through the Back Loop. That makes a nice clean edge stockenett stitch without the gaping.

Do you have a deadline to meet on one of your projects? We all need a little incentive occationally, I guess. Have a great day! Peace~DAWN

Dawn —

Benevolent to a fault

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  1. No deadlines for me. Actually I’ve been pretty lazy lately. I hope your able to finish in time. As you once told me, may your needles be on fire :).

  2. that will be a lovely bag! keep up the good work… maybe you could take the project with you to finish?
    i have a deadline to make a fair-isle hat with earflaps for a small boy by saturday morning. i don’t think it’s going to happen! sadly.

  3. That bag is looking great! I am certain you can finish it. I really like that pattern.
    No deadlines here. Not condusive to my habit of working 72 projects at once.

  4. That bag rally is cute and I love it so much more in the color you are using! I say skip the strap, because strap knitting is boring and takes too much yarn. Also the strap will stretch so much it might hang to your knees after the bag is full of stuff. Maybe use a wide ribbon as a strap instead. I have deadlines for four projects, but they are all long term…three of them are for baby blanket all due in the same week- thankfully the babes are due after October. The other is socks for my Dad- I hope to have them finished by August 11. I should be a really great daughter and knock them out for Father’s Day…

  5. Dawn thats so nice!

  6. This bag will be so great……..I LOVE that color.

  7. HEY… check out the stitch markers… heheh soooo glad to see that you’re using them & so WELL… looks GREAT!

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