Mini Got a BooBoo

June 7, 2007

My son was heading off to work to pick up a buddy of his when all of a sudden—BAM!! another driver turned into his lane and hit him. He swirved, what little room there was, or she would have hit him dead on. His witness. . . the cop that was behind him.

This is over $2,000 worth of damage. There are a lot of parts that are involved. Sad, no? He can’t drive it because the front bumper is about 1/4″ from the tire and when he hits a bump it rubs. So we have to wait for her insurance to come through. He is NOT happy. Let me tell you, when the phone rings and your kid tells you they just had an accident it makes your heart stop. We are just thankful that no one was injured and that the damage, though expensive is not extensive. She was in a truck and I don’t think she got a dent. Poor mini. (How lucky to have a cop right there to witness it, although my dark side thinks it would have been funny if he were in front of my son instead. . .)

Oh, and Paris Hilton can KISS MY ASS. I am so mad about this I can’t even articulate it. ARGGGGGH. 5 days in jail, are you kidding me?!



  1. I agree with your “dark side”, but I apparently have “authority issues” :P.

    Glad he wasn’t hurt and no, I can’t imagine and don’t want to, getting that phone call.

  2. So glad your son wasn’t hurt!

  3. Oooooh that is so sad. Poor Mini.

  4. eek, glad he wasn’t hurt and glad the cop was there to witness the whole thing. That really bites, though. Car accidents are such a pain in the butt. 😦 Poor Mini!

  5. I agree with you about Paris Hilton. What a crock of BS her release was!

    I’m not surprised that such a seemingly small amount of damage costs so much. My husband was rear ended once and because the way the other car hit him, it damaged a lot of different parts. It ended up being so expensive to fix that the insurance company just totalled his (2 year old) car. Anyway, I’m glad your son is okay, car accidents are so scary!

  6. poor poor mini

    I hope she feels better soon and the insurance comes through quickly!

    Paris is a brat.

  7. Glad to hear he is ok. Hopefully the insurance will go through quickly. Yeah, I agree about the Paris Hilton thing, ridiculous.

  8. Yikes! I’m glad he isn’t hurt. I hope the insurance comes through quickly.

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