Call Me!

June 9, 2007

I got this cool new cell phone. It is the ENV from Verizon. I love it! it is a little technically advanced for me but I figure it will be a nice learning place before I get my iPhone. Oh yes, but I have to wait till they come off the AT& T plan because I love Verizon. I’m hoping in a couple of years that the price comes down, too. It is a little too expensive, but it will serve as my iPod and Phone so, two birds and all. Anyway, back to the ENV: lots of cool features and I am not a texting person but have decide to give it a go. My boys like to text so I figure it will be a cool way to keep in touch with them. Also, I have never had a cell phone with a camera (let alone VIDEO!)–I’m a dinasaur, I know this–So that is a fun feature. Now I will never be without a camera (well, not Never, but close to never).

Baby Wrens left the nest over the course of 3 days. We kept finding them behind stuff this time. This batch was more confussed than the last (I think because of where the nest was). Anyway, sorry for the fuzzy shot, they are very skittish and it was hard enough getting this one picture. Don’t you just love the baby fuzz on top of the head. So cute, like a furry mohawk.



  1. That is SOME phone!!
    And that little baby??? TOO cute!

  2. If you are a dinasaur, what am I? I don’t have a cell phone (don’t want one). But yours looks great. I hate those things! oops, soory. The bird’s a cute one, cool hair doo. ;o)

  3. wow- cool cellphone. i just got my first one but it is very plain and boring.
    sweet little bird- i hope they find their way!

  4. Sweet baby bird indeed…we have several nests but I never see the babies leave 😦

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