PRGE Final Package

June 12, 2007

I received my final package from my PRK pal, Colleen. This was a really creatively wrapped package:
That bow is a leather belt. Yes, ma’am. I love it. Then we have:
some lip gloss, some candy, some perfume, a cool yarn cutter with ruler, some handmade soaps, some mints, not to mention that the book shaped box itself is a gift, and my most favorite part:
That is Yak Yarn made from the down of Tibetan yaks in the Himalayan region of China. I love the rich Cranberry color (one of my favorites). I had mentioned in my Q and A that I would like to try knitting with some Bison yarn. This is just as heavenly, I’m sure. Thank you very much! You made this exchange so much fun and I have a new knitting friend. {{blow kiss}}.

Now, on to some Petunia news. Well, I finished the body of the bag and have begun the strap. I don’t like it. I really, really don’t. I cut the size of the bag in half (otherwise, I’m not sure what particular GIANT this was designed for) but the real stinker is the width is ginormous, too!! I realize in the photo of it, it looks normal, but I assure you it is not. It is just very unflattering and maybe with further tweeking it would be oh so cute but really people, I don’t have the time or inclination to re-write an entire pattern. Just be aware if you want to make it for yourself. . . it is a HUGE, HUGE bag. HUGE! I must go on to say, I can’t even imagine once you start to put stuff in it that has weight to it. My God! even if you lined it, even then it would look saggy. Ugh. No, no. The more I think about it the more I am liking the whole idea of frogging it. That yarn is so pretty and so nice to work with I just can’t have it be something I can’t stand.

Hope you are having betting knitting days than I have been having. Until the next episode, have a great day~



  1. That yak yarn looks awesome! It sounds like it’d be really warm, too.

    Bummer about the bag. Maybe while you’re frogging it’ll tell you what it wants to be?

  2. Sorry about the bag!! I made a market bag a while back, and when it was finished it looked fine. The first time I took it to the grocery, it became GIANT!! I am still looking for a smaller bag that won’t stretch so much! The yarn really is beautiful!

  3. What a pity about the Petunia bag, but you are so right, it will grow and grow and …..
    You’ve got a great Pal. So many wonderful things. It’s nice to try out new (yarn) stuff. What are you going to make with it? Yours,
    ever so nosy

  4. Oh boy, what a great looking yarn. I love the rich color.


  5. Oh, that is some really nice looking exotic yarn.

    As for the bag, bummer. Hopefully you will find the right project for it. The color is very pretty.

    Let me know if you want to try and meet up while your in my area.

  6. How cool is that Yak Yarn???? I’ve never heard of it!

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