Do You Feel Like This?

July 11, 2007


Well, I do. I woke up feeling fantastic and gradually my day has gone to poop. Nothing overly terrible, just little stuff that I could have done without has systematically put my feel good day into the shitter. Am I gonna let it get me down? nah…

Randomly Yours:

*I am still working on the blue dragon scale top. Wanna know what happened with it? sure you do. I actually finished it the day before we left on vacation. I mean FINISHED IT. All the little bits sewn in and everything. It rocked!! then I put it on and it was a belly shirt. Yes, whoever designed it must have the torso of a tree stump. What I discovered from this is I AM AN AMAZING KNITTER! Yes, I am. Not the best, not the most competent, not even the most challenging but I am pretty damn amazing. I ripped back this shirt till I was at the point of adding some length to it. I didn’t distroy the pattern or anything. **high five** to me. It is an awesome top and I am determined to be able to get tons of wear out of it. So, I am almost to the lenth I want and then I will carryon with the shoulders and neck portion.

*Saw the Transformers movie in Florida and it was totally great. **** rating from me

*Ate chocolate cake for lunch. I will probably regret it later since I have to work till 7p.m

*My children have been behaving badly today

*Ravelry is getting better and better. They have added a Groups catagory so you can join groups that share similar interests and chit chat with others in the community and not feel all lost and lonely. It is great. So far I have picked 2 “here be dragons” cause I collect dragons and I love anything that is magic/fantasy based and “nameste knitters” cause of my love of buddhism. I’m sure I will find more groups as I have time to browse.

{{Virtual hug}} everyone, cause I just need it. Have a great day!



  1. Awe, nothing sucks more,than a sucky day! Here, have a big hug, and hope it’s going to be a lot better tomorrow.

  2. I hope you are having a better day today. It’s nice hearing your review on the transformer movie. I’ve been hearing other people say good things about it to. As for Ravelry I’m still on the waiting list. For now I have to admire it through other peoples comments.
    Take care.

  3. Sorry about your day… So excited for you with the top! Nothing feels better then saving your hard work from being totally frogged!! Can’t wait to see it modeled!

  4. Aw Dawn here is a big hug for you! ((((hhhuuuuugggggg))))

    Around my house we call anything bad ‘pootstalk’ -my son made that word up when he was about 3 and it has become the multipurpose curse word. We were reading a Peter Rabbit pop up book and in one picture a gardener was doing something behind a coldframe. I asked my son what he though the gardener was doing and he replied “planting a pootstalk.” So, I am sorry you had a pootstalk day…hope you are better now!

    Now I gotta go check Ravelry…as if I do not spend enough time on there already, they gotta make it more of a time suck.

  5. Hi Dawn. Great to find you here. I’m swan from the postcrossing forum. Remember me? Well, I just got your notebook sent to me by bklvrinva. I’m going to send it back to you after I make my entry. It would be nice if you contacted me by email or U2U to verify that your address is still the same or if it changed…


  6. A lot of knitters online. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one in real life, but you people are all over the blogosphere.

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