Dragon Scales

July 16, 2007

Well, I finally finished the Dragon Scale top. Point of fact, it is actually called the “Icy Blue Shell” from Creative Knitting (July 2007 issue) but honestly, how boring does that sound? Anyway, on top of changing the name I also changed the needle size and the yarn used. I truely loved knitting this top! it was interesting without being overly involved and it was fast, albeit it took me about a month to finish because I am a slow and multi project knitter (not to mention the whole FROG session).

Pattern: Dragon Scales Top i.e. “Icy Blue Shell” from Creative Knitting, July ’07 issue
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Two “2nd Time Cotton” (I think it was 3 skeins) Color: Atlantis
Needles: 24″ and 16″ circulars size 8
Size was for 34″ bust but I used the count for the medium in the magazine to get gauge
Skill level: Easy

With modifications on the yarn and the needle size, this top turned out great. I would recommend it to any knitter who wants a simple tank top with a nice level of interest given by the dragon scales pattern. A quick note on the yarn: I love it! great choice for cotton because the small amount of acrylic in it give it a nice weight and a nice feel. I will definately use this yarn again for summer weight tops.
Well, hope you enjoyed it. Make it if you get the chance. I wore it to work today and it is very comfortable and the yarn is quite cool. I give this a 5 star rating *****



  1. it looks great, Dawn! I love the pattern detail — it’s there, but it’s not overwhelming.

    I’ve been meaning to try out the 2nd time cotton for a while — nice to read that you like it! hooray! 🙂

  2. I love it! It looks wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous! Looks very nice on also!

  4. It’s gorgeous, and it looks very comfortable! Love your pictures!

  5. It looks awesome! I really like the information you gave on the pattern and the pictures are great to.

  6. Love it. Dragon Scales is a fiting name.Cotton is my favorite yarn to knit with.

  7. that’s really, really nice. i love your name change- so much better than the original, and you look gorgeous in it!

  8. The top looks amazing!! Great job on the knitting and the re-knitting! I love the photo shoot too!!

  9. I love the detailing on the side – very subtle, very unexpected. Great work!

  10. Congratulations on the beautiful top, the pattern is really great! Nice photos as well!

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