Great Day In the Morning!!

July 24, 2007


Thank you all for the wonderful well wishes for my birthday. It was a great day! I had to work all day but that was not a bad thing. My sister called me first thing in the morning to wish me a happy birthday, my kids showed up at work with not one not two but FOUR dozen roses for my birthday! one from each of my guys. Nice. A couple of my clients gave me gifts and my boss brought in a chocolate chocolate cake and a dozen doughnuts. Whew! then my husband called and sang happy birthday on my cell phone. I saved it. I came home to a great dinner of scalloped potatoes and barbeque chicken and. . . more cake! I received gift cards, a Dane Cook CD/DVD and Everyday Italian by Giada DeLaurentuiis. I love her recipes, they always look so delicious!

I have been knitting away on a few projects. One old (Clapotis) and one new (ballet top). I don’t know which will be done first. I also finished up another set of repeats on my lace stole. I picked it up again after about a 6 week hiatus thanks to prompting from Sunne. Thanks, I need the kick in the pants.

In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. Eric Hoffer

Big changes going on in my work place. I believe they are all for the better but there is a division going on and I am just trying to exit gracefully without getting caught up in all the ego drama that is being thrown around like so much cow manure. We, the four therapists, are in the process of breaking away from the chiropractor. The owner of the massage business is in the process of purchasing our own building. Yay! it is all good but I could use some positive energy to help me generate tons of new clients to keep my book full after the insurance people are gone. So, any goodness you could send my way would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day!



  1. Wishing you luck, sending you love and a Happy Happy Birthday!! (July birthday’s are the best!!)

  2. Your cake looked yummy! I love chocolate.

    I will send thoughts of abundance you way! I re-read Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention. He has a chapter on attracting abundance. I kept thinking, “I am abundance.” LOL. But, guess what, a contract accepted, a new listing, and free stuff keeps coming my way. So, I’ll keep it up.

  3. don’t have…much…time…computer….dy..ing.
    for real this one’s about kaput!
    glad you had a fabulous birthday. and I want you to know, I changed my out look on age that day. inspired by my sister who never ever thinks of herself older. every year, just having fun. for me, it was creeping in. those thoughts of “I’m getting older, everyone else is getting younger” and with that kinda thinkin’ you DO grow old…instead of being grateful that I made it to 35 in my case, and 41 in yours. those are years that are a precious gift from Great Spirit, God willing, will live another X amount of years. and that’s how I look at it now, thinking of your grace every year. how blessed I am to have X amount under my belt. you helped me love myself a little more. thanks for the gift(and on your own b-day even).

    *****and I quite smoking yeasterday.****
    my bike rides were getting no easier. here I am doing all these healthier things and puffing away. but no more. 🙂

  4. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!

  5. MMMMMMMM CAKE!!!!!!!!

  6. Yum, the cake looks delicious. Sending goog vibes your way that the changes at work will go your way.

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