I’m on the Bandwagon

July 31, 2007

I’m a little late to the party, but in knitting does it really matter? I think I have mentioned before that one of my favorite knitting books is Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Well, like a lot of you out there, the Chevron Scarf attracted my attention with all that color shifting and the length and the lightness of the fabric, oh my god! Anyway, I finally decided to make this beautiful scarf and in choosing to make it now I may have it done by the first fall wind. We’ll see. . .

What colors and what type of yarn did I use? I’m sure you are wondering cause that is the best part of this particular pattern. Well, I checked out Fearless Fibers and picked these two:
This would be 100% superwash Merino (550 yards!! each) in Midnight Passion (purples) and Sublime (browns). So soft and so saturated with color. Lovely.

Without further ado, here are the same ‘ol same ‘ol shots of the begining of EVERYONE’S Chevron:

And finally a picture with a tip: when knitting with 2 balls of yarn, I put them both in a big ziploc bag, pull the yarn from each corner and zip closed the middle. No tangling and confusion. Plus it is portable and neat (about the only thing in my life that is).

Happy Knitting!



  1. very cool! I think that’s a cute scarf but would probably lose steam with it after about 4 inches of knitting a scarf with fingering weight yarn.

  2. I love those colors together! they look great! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I use the same method on my chevron scarf / ziplock, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚ great minds think alike!

  3. I kinda want to knit one of those. I’ve read a lot of people who say it rolls a lot. Maybe I could do it in garter stitch? Hm…

  4. The colors you chose for the chevron scarf look awesome together.

  5. Well why not? It’s the best part in this book. I saw the scarves and fell in love. So why don’t I have a finished one yet? You choose beautiful colores! Hope the fall winds don’t come too early! ;o)

  6. Great color choices!

  7. I think it looks great! heck if it’s not out of style what does it matter right? I just started my clapotis!

  8. Love the colors. They blend beautifully.

  9. beautiful chevron scarf! and i am so pleased you shared that tip- i will be using that one for sure. have a lovely weekend!

  10. That looks amazing – and the colors are so perfect together!!

  11. What a great combination!

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