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WIP Cardi

August 30, 2007


This is a green top down raglan cardi that is in progress. I have slipped the sleeves onto holders and am working the body. With any luck it will be done and ready to wear for the first big chill of the fall. The yarn is from and is the Peruvian Highland Chunky in what can only be called deep ocean green. It looks washed out in the above photo and the flash puts an unspeakable glare on things. The yarn is a deep dark green with hints of deep blue. Mmmm. I am making fine progress on the Chevron scarf, don’t you worry. It to will be done in time for the fall. I already have plans for the leftover yarn from that project (and there will be leftovers, yes sir).

For any of you that care, our business move went fine and I am sick to death of renovations. Six days of do it yourself hell!!!! it is still not all complete but the big stuff is done and the clients will not be put out by a few unfinished doors and some decor rearranging. My room is GORGEOUS!! if I do say so myself. My first client yesterday said, “who would have thought to paint a room purple and have it come together so beautifully. It is like you are enveloped by it and it is so welcoming.” Hello, thank you. I will get some pictures of it tomorrow and get them posted so you all can see my massage room and feel a bit zen. It is the most comfortable room I have had so far and I love working in it.

Okay. Back to knitting. I am in PRGE #3 and I will be posting my questionaire in a few days. If you are not my partner, don’t worry about it. It is much shorter than most questionaires so it shouldn’t be to boring if you want to give it a peek. So, off to knit and relax and not think about paint, spackle, drilling, carpet laying, window blinds, furniture placement, or lighting. Ahhhhhhh


Work, Work

August 24, 2007

Sorry for the blogging lull. There will not be too much knitting content for the time being. If you are interested in other aspects of my most facinating life, stay tuned.

My boss purchased a new building for our business and we are in the process of attempting a renovation before Wednesday. Wish us luck. I plan on taking a few before and after shots to let you see what has been consuming this week and weekend.

I have to head back now before they notice I’ve been gone awhile. I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend and shake your groove thing a little bit for me cause I will be working mine off!!

Peace~ Dawn


Cabled Hat for Summer! Yay!!

August 21, 2007


Here she is, the Cabled Rangoli Hat by DesiKnitter. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hat and the pattern.


Pattern: Cabled Rangoli Hat
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, 1 skein
Needles: size 6/ 16″ circulars
** there are errors in the written pattern BUT if you follow the chart instead it it right on.
Also here is a TIP:
knit the Nupps ([p1, yo,p1,yo,p1]) very loosely and when you get to the Purl 5 together it will be a piece of cake. Here is the Ravelry link if you are able to access it.

Have a great day and Make This Hat!



It’s To Hot Today. . .

August 19, 2007

The heat is unbearable in some places and in others you have flooding. It is a perplexity, no? Well, here in Tennessee we are having a heat wave and it looks like this:


Which is making everyone and everything feel like this:
p1020088.jpg p1020089.jpg

So, if I don’t completely melt away before the weekend is over, I will have a FO to show you this week.

. . . It ain’t no use; I’m plumb fetaggled.
Come an’ put this team away.
I won’t plow another furrer;
It’s too mortal hot to-day.
I ain’t weak, nor I ain’t lazy,
But I’ll stand this half day’s loss
‘Fore I let the devil make me
Lose my patience an’ git cross.

A Summer Pastoral
by Paul Laurence Dunbar


Simply Seamless Pouch

August 16, 2007

This was a super easy One Skein Wonder project. Got a ball of Patons SWS laying around? Make the Simply Seamless Pouch. Guaranteed satisfaction. I added a lining and put a piece of cardboard between the knit piece and the lining to add stability. It is a nice pouch for keeping track of your art supplies, cell phone and cash, or whatever else your little heart desires. You could even make it smaller and turn it into a business card holder…hmmm.


A teensy weensy tip: be very, very careful with the first 3 or 4 rows. The stitches want to cling together or slip off and if you are not paying attention you will k2tog or slip and it’s gone. After the 4th row, piece of cake. Oh, I almost forgot, I blocked it too. That really helped cause it wanted to roll.

Hope you all are having a great week. Peace~Dawn


What Once Was Lost. . .

August 15, 2007

Now Is Found!! so happy!
This is a great CD, people.

Have you ever done this: wanted to replace a CD but didn’t have the case handy so. . . (Knowing you shouldn’t cause it’s gonna get lost) you put it in another CD case “just for the time being”. Well, I did just that pretty much right after I bought the Amy Winehouse CD. I listened to it once, lost it in a Pixies CD cover and just today found it again!! JOY!

Carry on.


DIY Weekend

August 13, 2007

Well, we had a very eventful weekend. We took out the carpet in our diningroom and put in new flooring. Pictures to follow when I weed out the clutter from moving the furniture back in. A couple of weeks ago we took out the “yuck” pink carpet in the oldest sons room that has permiated this house for 20 some years and put in hard wood flooring. We painted it a gorgeous blue, added crown molding and moved in son #2. So now this huge room is like a dormroom for the older two college boys. My youngest has his own room and now he wants it painted. Guess the color? ORANGE. He has a weird obsession with the color orange. It has been his favorite color since he could name them. UGH!

Next up is reflooring the kitchen. Maybe in a couple of weeks. We need to recover.

We went to see Stardust this weekend, too and it was GRRREAT! if you want to see a fun fantasy movie this would be the one. Too me it runs along the lines of The Princess Bride and The Brothers Grimm (which are among my most favorite movies). So go see it if that kind of movie is your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, I finished a wonderful book called “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman. Great read! fantasy, mystery, comedy. I have given it to my son and told both of the older ones that they will like it. It reads like a movie. You can see and experience what is going on as you read it. I love that kind of book.

In knitting news: I am plugging along on the Chevron scarf and I have a finished object that I need to line (probably tomorrow) plus I started another “quickie”, it is a cool cable hat. No pictures till it is done. You’ll have to stay tuned. Hope you all have a great beginning to your week. Peace~Dawn