August 6, 2007

A pair of handmade earrings one of my clients made for me. They have a nice weight to them and dangle nicely.

Well, we had us a weekend. Ever have a weekend that you could have done without. Yeah, one of those. Anyway, we made it through and ended it all with a trip to the emergency room so that my oldest son could get 3 staples in his foot. He was chopping wood and the ax slid off the stump and sliced the inner part of his arch. Nice, huh? I asked him, “so how does getting staples in your foot feel?” he replied, “it was worse than getting a tattoo”. They didn’t even numb it up! Ack! I am hoping for a fatabulous week (cause frankly, I need one) but it is gonna be some kinda hot here! Oh, and yes, he was wearing shoes while chopping wood.

We went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum and it was AWESOME! I love these movies. I hope they make #4. Matt Damon sure can tear up a car, though. Everytime he gets in one, you know it is not gonna look the same in the end. *****



  1. Ouch, that must have hurt! Through the shoe?!! How very progressive to staple and not sew the wound. ;o)
    Nice earrings! I like the blue and silver together! I used to wear earrings from a small child on up to a few years ago. Then all of a sudden I got allergic to everything I put in there. I have so many nice earrings. Maybe my daughter will one day want to use them. ;o)

  2. Ouch! These kids and their feet, my youngest injured her foot this weekend too although it wasn’t nearly as scary as your sons accident.

    We’re really looking forward to the Bourne Ultimatum too. Glad to know is was as good as it should be. 🙂

  3. eeek, that sounds bad. hope the stapled foot is now feeling better- what a brave boy you have!

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