DIY Weekend

August 13, 2007

Well, we had a very eventful weekend. We took out the carpet in our diningroom and put in new flooring. Pictures to follow when I weed out the clutter from moving the furniture back in. A couple of weeks ago we took out the “yuck” pink carpet in the oldest sons room that has permiated this house for 20 some years and put in hard wood flooring. We painted it a gorgeous blue, added crown molding and moved in son #2. So now this huge room is like a dormroom for the older two college boys. My youngest has his own room and now he wants it painted. Guess the color? ORANGE. He has a weird obsession with the color orange. It has been his favorite color since he could name them. UGH!

Next up is reflooring the kitchen. Maybe in a couple of weeks. We need to recover.

We went to see Stardust this weekend, too and it was GRRREAT! if you want to see a fun fantasy movie this would be the one. Too me it runs along the lines of The Princess Bride and The Brothers Grimm (which are among my most favorite movies). So go see it if that kind of movie is your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, I finished a wonderful book called “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman. Great read! fantasy, mystery, comedy. I have given it to my son and told both of the older ones that they will like it. It reads like a movie. You can see and experience what is going on as you read it. I love that kind of book.

In knitting news: I am plugging along on the Chevron scarf and I have a finished object that I need to line (probably tomorrow) plus I started another “quickie”, it is a cool cable hat. No pictures till it is done. You’ll have to stay tuned. Hope you all have a great beginning to your week. Peace~Dawn



  1. I’m so glad to hear the good reviews of Stardust filtering around blogland.. I can’t wait to see it. I loved Brothers Grimm and I regularly quote “The Princess Bride” in daily life (Anybody want a peanut?) so it seems right up my alley.

  2. The room looks great. My son’s room is painted the same color, I call it blueprint blue. Wasn’t Stardust wondeful?! I loved it. Princess Bride is my favorite all time movie and Stardust is right there with it.

  3. The house looks great! I totally appreciate all the work you’re doing, really. I saw Stardust too, I really liked it!

  4. well now that is BLUE, if i’ve ever seen the color BLUE. i’d call it ” dam, that’s BLUE! – BLUE” are all four walls that BLUE?
    anywho, I quote british comedy, and the tick…the simpsons, stuff like that. but the other day at work, this guy came in that looked straight up like the cutie pie in the princess bride.

  5. Mmmmm pink carpet! I had some of that!! Must feel great to have accomplished this!

    And orange…it could be worse…I had a child paint his room black!

  6. What’s wrong with orange? There are many different shades of orange too. ;o)
    Sam heard a chipmonk, that’s the only thing which gets him moving. Biko is the tennis ball freak. Sounds like she and timber would kill each other for the t. ball. ;o)

  7. congratulations on your home improvements! it’s so nice to get new colours on the walls and flooring done- gives everyone a new lease of life!
    i think orange is a great colour for a bedroom- very vibrant, and energy-giving. you’re a great mum to let him go for it, though!

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