What Once Was Lost. . .

August 15, 2007

Now Is Found!! so happy!
This is a great CD, people.

Have you ever done this: wanted to replace a CD but didn’t have the case handy so. . . (Knowing you shouldn’t cause it’s gonna get lost) you put it in another CD case “just for the time being”. Well, I did just that pretty much right after I bought the Amy Winehouse CD. I listened to it once, lost it in a Pixies CD cover and just today found it again!! JOY!

Carry on.



  1. a great cd! glad you found it!

  2. Yay! I haven’t heard the CD, but I love the “Rehab” song.

  3. You’ll find hardy any CD in its original casing in our house. We never find anything!

  4. It is a cool CD. And thanks for your comment over on my blog!

  5. So agree. . . . LOVING the CD. . . particularly #2 & #5!

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