Simply Seamless Pouch

August 16, 2007

This was a super easy One Skein Wonder project. Got a ball of Patons SWS laying around? Make the Simply Seamless Pouch. Guaranteed satisfaction. I added a lining and put a piece of cardboard between the knit piece and the lining to add stability. It is a nice pouch for keeping track of your art supplies, cell phone and cash, or whatever else your little heart desires. You could even make it smaller and turn it into a business card holder…hmmm.


A teensy weensy tip: be very, very careful with the first 3 or 4 rows. The stitches want to cling together or slip off and if you are not paying attention you will k2tog or slip and it’s gone. After the 4th row, piece of cake. Oh, I almost forgot, I blocked it too. That really helped cause it wanted to roll.

Hope you all are having a great week. Peace~Dawn



  1. Nice pouch! I like SWS yarn; is the button made from wood? It looks great on the pouch. Thanks for the link.

  2. So pretty!

  3. you call it “seamless pouch”, i call it “checkbook coozy”.
    and i had a good day, but i got really pissed off at work. couldn’t let my frusation go. usually with in 10-15 mins (sometimes 20) i can move on. nope not tonight, and then i was shown a butterfly on the ceiling, that had rode in on someones shoulder. hmmmm. seccond part of this tale is i just bought a peice of Howlite…suppose to be an extremely calming stone…is excellent for sleep or meditation. well i guess i better clean that one before carrying it again. how do you clean gemstones again?

  4. and it’s not really 4:15am when i’m writting this…it’s 11:15pm.

  5. Nice pouch! It could have so many uses. Love the color too.

  6. That’s really cute!

  7. i love this pouch.. i love this yarn… and ihave that button!

    and thanks for all the compliments on everything! the photo shoot was fun. a few cars drove past but it was dark so i didnt see many faces in the car. one car we could here them yelling something along the lines of “holy shit!” hahaha.. it was good stuff…

    i realy like the leaves scarf and im glad you do to… im so excited to give it to her…

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