It’s To Hot Today. . .

August 19, 2007

The heat is unbearable in some places and in others you have flooding. It is a perplexity, no? Well, here in Tennessee we are having a heat wave and it looks like this:


Which is making everyone and everything feel like this:
p1020088.jpg p1020089.jpg

So, if I don’t completely melt away before the weekend is over, I will have a FO to show you this week.

. . . It ain’t no use; I’m plumb fetaggled.
Come an’ put this team away.
I won’t plow another furrer;
It’s too mortal hot to-day.
I ain’t weak, nor I ain’t lazy,
But I’ll stand this half day’s loss
‘Fore I let the devil make me
Lose my patience an’ git cross.

A Summer Pastoral
by Paul Laurence Dunbar


One comment

  1. the flower picture makes me sad. it IS one hot summer thats for sure. i just wasted my weekend away. i really want to get on a boat or raft or tube or float…anything, and get in some water.

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