WIP Cardi

August 30, 2007


This is a green top down raglan cardi that is in progress. I have slipped the sleeves onto holders and am working the body. With any luck it will be done and ready to wear for the first big chill of the fall. The yarn is from elann.com and is the Peruvian Highland Chunky in what can only be called deep ocean green. It looks washed out in the above photo and the flash puts an unspeakable glare on things. The yarn is a deep dark green with hints of deep blue. Mmmm. I am making fine progress on the Chevron scarf, don’t you worry. It to will be done in time for the fall. I already have plans for the leftover yarn from that project (and there will be leftovers, yes sir).

For any of you that care, our business move went fine and I am sick to death of renovations. Six days of do it yourself hell!!!! it is still not all complete but the big stuff is done and the clients will not be put out by a few unfinished doors and some decor rearranging. My room is GORGEOUS!! if I do say so myself. My first client yesterday said, “who would have thought to paint a room purple and have it come together so beautifully. It is like you are enveloped by it and it is so welcoming.” Hello, thank you. I will get some pictures of it tomorrow and get them posted so you all can see my massage room and feel a bit zen. It is the most comfortable room I have had so far and I love working in it.

Okay. Back to knitting. I am in PRGE #3 and I will be posting my questionaire in a few days. If you are not my partner, don’t worry about it. It is much shorter than most questionaires so it shouldn’t be to boring if you want to give it a peek. So, off to knit and relax and not think about paint, spackle, drilling, carpet laying, window blinds, furniture placement, or lighting. Ahhhhhhh



  1. that is sooo great the knitting works for you like that. relaxes you AND you have something beautiful at the end.
    i went for a late walk lastnight and got some tree hugging in. you can’t comfortably hug a tree in broad daylight. sad but true. right down here on belmont are some awsome trees. this ones’ got to be well over 200 years old. it’s huge and right down the street from me! 🙂 200 years +, that trees seen more than i will ever know in this life. hugging it is the least i can do.
    anywho, can’t wait to see the room.

  2. The cardi looks amazing, the color is so rich and wonderful!! I am right in the middle of remodeling hell too – its our downstairs tenants kitchen. I don’t know if I would still be sane if it wasn’t for knitting (and being inspired by others knitting!)

  3. Very pretty! I really need to start a sweater because I’m hoping that fall will come to the South eventually.
    I keep forgetting to ask.. are you coming to SAFF this year?

  4. Glad to hear that the business move went well. The cardi looks great.

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