September 10, 2007

The weekend is done and it was rather nice. Saturday I had to work till about 2pm and then we went and had a nice steak dinner with the whole family. Nice.

Sunday was a day of rest and FOOTBALL!! I spent the entire day in the easy chair with knitting in my lap and football on the t.v. Nice, too. I did take a brief pause for a 20 minute nap.

This week promises to be busy but there will be time for knitting and getting some of my house organized. We are all planning on submitting some of our handy work to the county fair on Saturday. I have 2 projects for sure and my middle son has some photographs and my dad has some paintings. It should be interesting as we have never entered anything before.

Reading through my Shambhala Sun magazine I came across an article about a woman who had struggled with cancer. I saw it last month but avoided reading it. Today is the anniversary of my mothers passing from breast cancer. Roughly at 3:30 this afternoon. Last night I was flipping through it and decided to read the article and it was very interesting. Here is a quick little snippet that caught my attention:
“When you insist on having only particular kinds of experiences, nothing can deeply touch you. You are to busy judging.” She goes on to say that for months she saw her life as scenery because of all that was happening TO her. She let each experience pass by not anticipating the next and not mourning what had just passed. “. . . but if you always go with your preferences in every matter then it’s harder when it DOES matter–like preferring health to cancer. The statistical weight of your always choosing what you prefer becomes enourmous, and your flexibility sags under it. Its much harder to see everything as scenery.” Darlene Cohen

I hope this little snippet help to remind you of the wonderfulness in each breath. Be it in health or in sickness, in happiness or in sorrow. It is all your scenery passing by. Take time to witness it before it is gone.

Peace~ Dawn



  1. My condolences on your Mother. By remembering her, you keep her love in your life.

    Thank you for the reminder that it really is all the little things that make life great!

  2. Wow, Dawn, your words are really powerful- and just what I needed.

    Big hugs for you on this day. I hope you find peace and celebrate the happy moments you had with your Mom.

  3. you know, yesterday and the day before i totally remembered this day and mom. the last couple of years, it actually passed by a couple of days and then i remembered. but this year i remembered a lot. hmmmmmm. five years…somehow to me it seems longer. anyway, thats some good food for thought. life is a gift. priceless, and funny how us humans really have to be reminded of that everyday (and many times a day at that) or we tend to “forget”.

  4. Thank you for this post!

  5. Good luck for you all with the local show.

    I enter shows quite a bit but at the moment we have had to skip some due to Equine Influenza causing some of the show grounds to be shut down and the strict rules for horses.

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