WIP Wednesday

September 19, 2007

Okay, this is not a regular feature here cause it would be the same old same old every Wednesday, but here is a progress shot of the Raglan Cardi:
It is almost to the point of Ribbing the bottom and then I can start on the sleeves! Hurray! But. . . there is always a but, I have been sidetracked with a project for my secret pal. I want to get it done for the first box and I may make it. Here is a shot of it yesterday:
p1020218.jpg It’s in the bag in front of those gorgeous patio flowers. They are so brilliant I wanted to get them in, too.

Okay, back to business before I have to pick up the young one and get to work. Have a great Wednesday.



  1. your sweater thingy is real nice. great job again, of corse. those flowers are awsome, they pop so much, the bag gets lost there. you must be pretty busy these days.
    did you ever stain that deck of yours, cause it doesn’t look like it in the flower photo.

  2. the sweater is coming along nicely!

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