It’s Me!!

September 21, 2007

Wow! that is me, no make-up and no fancy hair do. Me and my sister had talked about taking a picture a day of ourselves for a year and putting them together in a photo stream. Only we said they should be pictures that where taken, kind of on the fly, no prep work and no primping, just you as you are in the moment. Well, that is a peek at what it would look like. Could I stand 365 days of that? I don’t know. Maybe I need to give it a little more thought. This lady, amma maw, has the idea and her photo stream is AWESOME!

Have some fun this weekend!!

make space for what you are feeling
instead of being overwhelmed
by it.



  1. BRAVO! look at you sticking it all out there in a big picture. you didn’t even small it up. you said here it is. ta-da! i look like that all the time… no hair – no makeup. (no hair, get it-hehe) and i think you look fabulous!
    it’s a group called 365 days on flickr and anyone can do it. amma maw is the best i’ve found, but theres some creative people out the like the Dread Priate Betty ( i think thats it) who did jump rainbow week – and jumped in front of backgrounds of the colors of the rainbow (mon. red -tue.orange etc…) for a week…and she found all the colors. yes, a gaint indigo callum in porland. she was also dressed in the color.
    thanks for not telling people i’m turning into a up tight, grouchy, ogre who wants a dinner compaion , who goes way after desert. (ha?)

  2. Wow! What a cool idea although I’m not sure I’m up to looking at myself that much! Something about growing old gracefully and all that…but I guess one would hav to look past that at appreciate the creativity. You go!

  3. That sounds like an interesting project. You have much more self confidence then I do. I don’t like putting my face in any picture. Of course you don’t have a big nose like I do or chubby checks and then there are the wrinkles that are really beginning to crop up especially around my eyes… Well you get the idea.

    Btw, I really like the color of your raglan cardi.

  4. great picture. I love the flicker photo stream you mentioned. What an interesting idea.

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