I’m a Weener!

September 24, 2007

Well, the fair was fine and me and my dad were the big winners in the family. Hold your applause. It wasn’t like a giant pool of people we were thrown into, it was more like a puddle. My dad entered 3 oil paintings and all three won! One of them took first place and the other two took second. My Rangoli hat won first place in the knitted accessories department! I love that hat. However on a sad and slightly bitter note, the Swallowtail shawl lost. It didn’t even place. Apparently, hideous acrylic ponchos in unflattering hues are more appealing to the judges. But I’m not bitter. Well, a little–it was lace! for crying out loud! do we not get the time and attention LACE takes?! But I digress. . . in addition to a spiffy blue ribbon I also received a check for (hold your breath) $5!!! Yahoo! It was a fun experience and I will probably do it again next year just because I like the total subjectivity of it all (even though it is diguised as objectivity–come on, if you have an affection for granny squares because your grandma tucked you in at night with one or you have horrible flashback when it comes to 70’s orange and green and yellow and brown all blended into one project, it’s gonna effect your judgement).

I had a nice weekend with my middle son and my sister. We traipsed around Nashville and ate out at some fun restaurants and enjoyed each others company. Oh and we hugged this enormous tree because it is probably older than the state. And and. . . I saw this tree with its incredible roots! I have a thing for trees. I wanted my sister and my son to move the car out of the shot but apparently the strenth of the love they have for me is not in keeping with the strengh of their muscles. Oh well.

This little tid bit was in my Stitch N Bitch a day calender: An old superstition says that knitting one of your hairs into the garment will forever bind the recipient to you. If that is the case, I am bound to all that I knit for as is my dogs and possibly the vast members of my family. When I read it, it reminded me of a reoccuring thought I have (it’s absurd and possibly a little weird but here goes). I often think that if I lose a hair when I am out someplace that it will link me to that place after I die. Like I could come back there or something or be detected there by someone who is super sensitive. Like those deja vu moments when you feel something in a place but your not sure why. . . maybe you are picking up on someone who left a piece of themselves in that spot. I told you it was weird. Anywho. . . have a great week!

Peace~ Dawn



  1. I really don’t think that non-knitters “get” the process of knitting lace and everything involved with it. Poor thing, that gorgeous shawl beaten by a.. a… *whispers* poncho. Don’t tell it so you don’t hurt its feelings, ok? Tell it that it was an UGLY contest and it lost because it was so beautiful!
    I’m constantly picking hair out of the things I knit, mostly my own though. I have to keep my hair tied up when I spin or I’ll end up with strands woven into the yarn.

  2. whoray for my blue ribbon winners. i can’t believe that gorgeous shawl was beaten either. but considering the small town your in i don’t know why i wouldn’t believe. and five dollars??!! that hillairious!
    now dads gonna make us pay for the paintings we get from him , saying ” their prize winning.” i’ll have to trick him and be like, ” you were holding these for me remember?”, or better yet, “you haven’t gotten those framed for me yet?” ;D
    and we DO love you, but are weak, so next time we’ll do a striking pose in front of whatever you want moved for the picture. that way it will be blocked.
    and YOU had deja vu walking to the restarant…so are you thinking lost hair or your on the right path?

  3. hooray for the hat! How exciting! and of course it’s in my ravelry queue.

    Poo to acrylic beating lace! That should never happen!

  4. Congrats on your win! The hat is amazing – as is the shawl… There are some who just don’t get it… oh well.

    I love that I am not the only one who has a thing about hair mixed in the yarn of the things that I knit, and for the same reasons. I do think that when you lose something of yourself, it keeps a small part of you where it is…

  5. Congratulations on the big win! Apparently the judges were not knitters- only a non knitter would pick a poncho ove a lace shawl…

    Your little ‘tid bit’ reminds me of an article on a past issue of Knitty http://www.knitty.com/issuewinter06/KScannotsay.html

    Your hair theory make sense to me. I have deja vu often and often wonder what is behind it all.

  6. Congrats on the ribbon for your hat! ;o) I always liked to think that I’ll remember Sam and Biko always, because of the hair I knit into my knitting, it’s everywhere, but I’ve even knit my own hair into my knitting, not on purpose, but I didn’t pull it out either, when I saw what happened. I like the sentiment of the hair as you tell it.
    By the way, the braided part of the shawl was why I wanted to do it in the first place, since I’ve never seen anything like it before. Now I’m enjoying knitting small projects for a while. And spinning too. ;o)

  7. Congrats on your blue ribbon!

  8. Congratulations to you and your Dad on the ribbons. I got a good laugh from your comments about the judging. The hair thing is not so weird :).

  9. LOL, I’m dying. . yes my dogs are DEFINITELY bound to everyone. . . their hair has an inordinate attraction to any yarn that happens to be in my hands!

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